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Your attitude affects your experience. Go into things with negativity and you will recognize all things “bad”. Go into things with positivity and you will be amazed by all of the magical “good” that surrounds you. - You choose. - - Let’s share an attitude of gratitude.. 👉🏼 @bigomyogaretreat June 29- July 1 ****** message us for discount code ****** 👉🏼 @yotmfestival Snowmass, CO July 27-29 👉🏼 All levels class every Thursday!! 👉🏼 Free jams! —————————————————————————— #yoga #acroyoga #attitude #positivity #arkansasyoga #arkansasacroyoga #nwayoga #yogaretreat #yogafestival #straddlethronevariation #skandasana
We are a mixture of light and shadow. An assortment of good qualities and defects. Neither good nor bad defines you, it’s more your relationship with them that is definitive. ~ Gentle reminder to not attach yourself to those good or bad days. Instead reside in a space of love for all the days. That space is where you will find happiness. ❤️ ~ ~ ~ #yoga #acroyoga #hollowback #shoulderstandvariation #arkansasyoga #fayettevilleyoga #yogacouple
This beautiful being is Mel.. she is the light that shines my path, and the energy that lifts my dreams. + It has been amazing to watch her practice grow.. she has found her voice and has a strong relationship with her life’s purpose. I’m amazed by her daily. + This weekend she led our daily sunrise yoga practice at the Mindfulness and AcroYoga retreat with our friends @maxandlizacro , @yoga_scoop and @maralizcampos.. and I am incredibly proud to be her partner. + Sincerely, Cannon
#tbt .. We’re heading back to the Ozarks to cohost our Mindfulness & AcroYoga retreat! ~ Vegan foods/ meditation hikes w/ Cannon and me, AcroYoga w/ @maxandlizacro , yoga w/ @yoga_scoop & sound healing w/ @maralizcampos 😍❤️🌈✨ ~ See ya in a few days, outside werld ✌🏼 ~ ~ ~ #mindfulness #nature #yogilove #yoga #yogaretreat #acroyoga #arkansasyoga #meditation #soundhealing #vegan
In times of earthly stress, try *your best* to root down and open up. Be rooted in that you know who you are and what you’re going for. You are confident in yourself and your goals, even if the end is not in sight at the moment. Be open to change. Things change. People change. Situations and dreams change. When you’re open to these changes it makes transitioning that much easier. Naturally, we want to fly off the rails and close down when encountering stress. I challenge you to focus on doing the opposite. ~ May has been a month full of change for us. College graduation, weddings, reality checks, etc. It’s been super exciting, but also scary! What I’m trying to say is... We understand. We too are trying *our best* to live in a world that is always changing. Rooted yet open. It’s a practice for every single one of us. No one is perfect. ~ ~ Now, if you’re still with me on this post... here’s where you can practice this life thing with us. 👉🏼 Mindfulness & AcroYoga retreat w/ @maxandlizacro here in AR.. this weekend! 👉🏼 @bigomyogaretreat June 29- July 1 👉🏼 @yotmfestival Snowmass, CO July 27-29 👉🏼 Class every Thursday!! (EXCEPT THIS WEEK) 👉🏼 Free jams! ~ ~ #acroyoga #cresentlunge #yoga #fayettevilleyoga #yogicouple #stressfreezone #meditation #yogafestival #yogaonthemountain #bigomyogaretreat
WOW. We are still riding the wave of love and positive energy. Teaching @fayettevilleyogafest was such a beautiful experience. We had the opportunity to connect with so many wonderful, loving and inspiring yogis from all over... AND we had the honor of sharing space with our sweet friend @_dri all weekend.. WE ARE SOOOO GRATEFUL!!!! // Who’s ready for #fayettevilleyogafest 2019?!?! ~ In the mean time.. 👉🏼 Mindfulness & AcroYoga retreat w/ @maxandlizacro here in AR {May 25-27} 👉🏼 @bigomyogaretreat at Sequoyah State Park {June 29- July 1} 👉🏼 @yotmfestival Snowmass, CO {July 27-29} 👉🏼 Class every Thursday!! 👉🏼 Free jams!! ~ Wearing our custom Fayetteville Yoga Fest tees and new fave pants by @lululemon (so dang comfy 😍😍) ~ ~ ~ #acroyoga #yoga #yogafestival #fayettevilleyoga #coloradoyoga #twohigh #lululemonfayetteville #tulsayoga #yogaretreat
Reality is FAR from perfection.. we’ve had our fair share of mishaps and tumbles, but we know persistence is the key! + This photo shows the reality of trying difficult poses in tricky places.. we could show the “perfect” shot that came out, but this may tell a better story! + You can share your realty with us in these ways: A. @fayettevilleyogafest this weekend! . B. Class every Thursday at 6:30 . C. Mindfulness and AcroYoga retreat with @maxandlizacro on Memorial Day weekend!
We started off as training partners.. two friends innocently pouring love into our training sessions. We never even talked about anything more.. + Today, this person is my person. The one I think about most, share most of my meals with, plan my life with and my deepest dreams.. + My training partner is my partner.. in all things.
❤️❤️ You will always live happy if you live with heart.. mmm Who else is always finding joyful reminders in @yogitea (whose bags are compostable FYI!!!!!!!!!) ~ ~ We’ve been a lil quiet on the gram lately.. but we’re back and we’ve got some exciting updates to share with you soon! ~ For now, we’ll just fill you in on where to find us.. 🌤 TOMORROW workshop @trailsideyoga 11-1 🌈 Class every Thursday 6:30pm 🌤 May 4-6 @fayettevilleyogafest 🌈 May 25-28 Ozark Retreat w/ @maxandlizacro 🌤 June 29-July 1 @bigomyogaretreat 🌈 July 27-29 @yotmfestival Snowmass! ~ ~ #yoga #acroyoga #yogisofinstagram #fayettevilleyoga #partneryoga #yogafestival #yogaretreat #fayettevilleyogafest #bigomyogaretreat #yogaclass
Shhh.... do you hear that? It’s the universe; she’s speaking to you. She tells you to slow down.. Care for yourself- mentally and physically. She reminds you to properly assess, and to honor what your body has to say. She encourages you to listen truly to your intuition. ~ Also.... she says to snag your ticket to @fayettevilleyogafest if you haven’t already! ✨👀🌈👉🏼 We’ll be teaching TWO workshops that weekend, and a lot of bad ass yogis from all over will be in town. If you like yoga and fun.... you gotta be there! LESS THAN A MONTH AWAY! WOOHOO
Feb 2018 👉🏼 Feb 2017 - Transformation. It’s always happening... but how often do you take the time to recognize or appreciate it? No matter where you are on whatever journey you’ve chosen- change is happening. You are growing. What a beautiful process. - Grow with us.. 4/21: Intermediate Workshop 3-6pm 4/27: Beginner Workshop @yogagypsystudio 6-8pm 4/28: Beginner Workshop @trailsideyoga 11-1 5/4-6: LOTS of fun workshops @fayettevilleyogafest
Time. It controls our life, yet we cannot control it in return.. We give so much of it, but cannot get it back. + Some days it moves fast. Some days are slow. + But remember that every moment of your time is as valuable as anyone else. You are worth every sweet second we are given. + We love you.
Quick reminder, friends: It is A L W A Y S justifiable to be kind and compassionate. Be kind to yourself. Be kind to others. With love and compassion you can never go wrong. - Share the love... 🌤 Every Thursday 6:30pm- all levels class ❤️ April 1st- MOVEMENT PARTY @ our studio 🌤 April 7- beginner workshop @ our studio ❤️ April 21- intermediate workshop @ our studio 🌤 April 27- beginner workshop @yogagypsystudio ❤️ April 28- beginner workshop @trailsideyoga 🌤 May 4-6 @fayettevilleyogafest ❤️ May 25-28 Ozark Retreat w/ @maxandlizacro ~ as always, message with questions ~
Your life is beautiful. My life is beautiful. Our life is beautiful. This life is beautiful. + Sometimes we have to remind ourselves to find gratefulness in our daily life. + This morning after our meditation, I opened my eyes to see the love of my life sitting in front of me. She was the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen, and I am so incredibly grateful for her presence in my life. + @melodysmith thank you for being you. - Cannon
RELEASE! + Whatever it is you’re holding onto.. just let it go! Does it serve you? No? Let it go. + Come release with AcroYoga: Mar.23 = @yogagypsystudio May 4-6 = @fayettevilleyogafest May 31 = Ozark Retreat with @maxandlizacro
Keep doing. Keep loving. Keep smiling. Keep hugging. Keep giving. Keep living. Keep thanking. Keep being. + We love you.
Everything that’s new to me is an opportunity, so I’m gonna grow... and you can grow too. ❤️ @satsangmusic - Day 12 of #strongandlong ~ figure 4 toe-stand Figuring this one out was pretty strange, but in the process we found growth.. and that’s all that matters. Special thanks to the hosts and sponsor for encouraging us to challenge our creativity in exploring different postures. It suuuure was fun! - Hosts: @alissayoga @natashaswinter @joe_lizzzzzz_yoga @the_bohemian_introvert @livinleggings @mmaneevese Sponsor: @aloyoga - Let’s grow together... 🌤 Every Thursday 6:30pm- all levels class ❤️ March 23 6-8pm- Workshop @yogagypsystudio 🌤 May 4-6 @fayettevilleyogafest ❤️ May 25-28 Ozark Retreat w/ @maxandlizacro ~~ message/ comment with any questions ~~
The longest journey ever’s from the heart to the head.. - Day 11 of #strongandlong ~ toe roll stretch We went with the upward dog to downward dog toe roll.... acroyoga style ✨ - Hosts: @alissayoga @natashaswinter @joe_lizzzzzz_yoga @the_bohemian_introvert @livinleggings @mmaneevese Sponsor: @aloyoga
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