Sariah Pritchard

ピース たわごと I relatively have my shit together. I occasionally play kendama so that’s cool.

Happy as can 🐝 // #kendama
Candid shot of me and @humboldt_dama looking confused at the same thing? Honestly didn’t even know this shot was captured. // shoutout to @uhnuhlee for being a sneaky paparazzi girl and getting cute(?) candids of me and the boyf? // #kendama
Hands down one of my favorite kendama events I’ve ever been to. Shoutout to @georgemarshalldama and @ryanarthurwalker for being rad camp counselors (even though Ryan was disgusted by the team name all weekend and refused to lick his bev.) If you guys didn’t get the chance to go to camp this year, hands down would highly recommend going next year. // @campkendama // #sweetskendamas #kendama
2 hours and five missed spikes later I laced my first tap ish. I can quit kendama now, nice knowing all of you. Jk jk. // #kendama
Apparently I only post selfies now? Clips soon I promise just gotta lace something danky // #coloredhair #kendama #piercings
Two selfies in a row? Do I not have other content to post? Yep. Keeping my gram honest and real because fuck it. Clip tomorrow; maybe. // #kendama #selfie #tattoos #piercings #dyedhair
I tend to always post photos of other humans I adore or clips of me lacing, so here’s a selfie for the first time in awhile, enjoy? I dunno what to say. // #girlskendamacollective #kendama #coloredhair #piercings
First tried landing this at TTO 2018 and decided to try again this past week at the orange jams. Stoked on this lace. // as you can hear me yell at the end I’m seshin the @terrakendama Prefect that I snagged at TTO// #kendama #terrakendama #girlskendamacollective
Shoutout to @atkhirota for Dama daring me these two KWC 2018 tricks, now back to mediocrity after this. // seshin on the blue @terrakendama prefect with a @solkendamas strawberry milk Tama // #terrakendama #solkendamas #kendama #girlskendamacollective
So I went to TTO this past weekend and got literally zero Kendama related shots. I tend to find myself not shooting at dama events because I prefer to be in the element of it all. So here’s a shot from pike place, capturing the busy environment which it always possesses thanks for lookin! // #kendama #pikeplacemarket
Lacin funky ish per usual on this @graintheoryofficial @aynedter set up feat @sweetskendamas x @mugenmusou tama. // semi hard to see but I was balancing the house on my fingers then hopped over to house. // #kendama #graintheory #girlskendamacollective
The last photo from SF I promise. // @eslayban doing his ish and also a post for this boy because he’s among the bestest of homies, even though he calls me psoriasis; it’s coo it’s coo // stay tuned for hella shots from Tacoma Takeover because I’ll be there in less than 24 hours. Who will I be seeing there? // #kendama
Huckin and sliding in the rain. // candid of @r.quasi when everyone was seshin down the wet asphalt // #kendama
Shurk. Shoutout to @humboldt_dama for takin this lil candid of me obsessing over this stuffie. 🖤 // #kendama
Just @kencastlekd look’n fly and doing his ish. // #kendama #solkendamas
Because @dealwithitsf is such a kind and rad human so I couldn’t help but shoot a candid of Rice. // #kendama #dealwithit #graintheory
A surprisingly short film sesh of this trick I kept trying to lace this weekend but kept missing the pin, enjoy. // laced on the @graintheoryofficial Double @aynedter mod. // #kendama #graintheory #gtlife #girlskendamacollective
So to get over my post Sakura blues I’m spamming everyone with posts // this post is for @monkayglands if you guys don’t know him, you should. He’s probably one of the most legit and nicest people there is. Not to mention he does stupid crazy wood-burning. Also, he brought me ketchup lays, so yeah, pretty legit dude. 🍅 // #kendama #woodburning
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