That Mediocre Gal

ピース たわごと I relatively have my shit together. I occasionally play kendama so that’s cool.

A glimpse into some of my life moments. // #kendama
Shameless friend post because @nolanjacob is among one of my favorite humans, go peep his page for some bangers. // #kendama
The babes and their pimp. // #kendama #damababes
Happy (belated) birthday to this goon. Was too busy actually hanging out with the dude himself to post. Love ya man and thanks for being here for me and dealing with my shitshow of shenanigans. // #kendama
I luh this gal more than my @analogkendamas hoodie (which says a lot because I wear this thing almost everyday) // 📷: @wtfislauralacing #kendama #analogkendamas #kendamaoc #damababe #damababes #morelikedamabae
I luh my friends. // creds to myself for setting my camera on the floor angled up by my Phix and sprinting to get in formation in both of these. //
Kinda obsessed with my @analogkendamas hoodie, apparel coming everyone’s way sooner or later, hopefully sooner rather than later. // 📷: @m.hawkk #kendama
Giving your Monday feed some shots of the dog because I love this lil guy, well Lil old guy. // #dog
Happy Sunday Nerdz. // @sweetskendamas apparel keeps ya warm during the cold winter sesh. // 📷: @kyl_dama // #kendama
So I just want to say, happy international women’s day to all the lovely ladies out there. You inspire me every day to progress further in kendama, weather you’ve been playing for years or days you inspire me no matter the skill level! I love all your creativity and love. Happy day of us ladies. // PSA which I hate to make but have to. Licking the bevel is meant to be humorous not rated R, if you know me I love some quality jokes, such as myself, so here a funny bevel lick. // also @sweetskendamas apparel because warmth. // 📷 @kyl_dama #kendama
I also snagged this stall combo yesterday too, but didn’t want to flood the feed with a double post. // enjoy!
Sometimes you just got to “handle” it. // shit puns are my speciality. Stoked to get this bad boy though. // #kendama #kromkendama #kendamaoc
@sweetskendamas apparel? Yeah basically live in it. // 📷: @kyl_dama // #kendama #kendamaoc #sweetskendamas
Laced this cool shit, I guess. Thanks to @atkhirota for giving me this dare. #29trickslater ? #kendama
Day 28 // THE LAST DAY. // ending this with this sweets special variation that I saw @kozorof do. // this challenge has kicked my butt, but I’m stoked that I succeeded. Onto the next challenge. // #kendama #kendamaoc #sweetskendamas #28trickslater
Little snippets of my domain. //
Day 27 // finally laced this after I told myself in my head “don’t be so angry, just remember, this is fun not work” and boom laced. Sometimes you just gotta relax to lace a trick. Also shoutout to random dude who whistled at me, you the true hype man. // also this trick was inspired from @linaslayohh I saw her clip on my explore page and had to try it! // #sweetskendamas #28trickslater #kendama #kendamaoc
@sweetskendamas silk jacket photo from the @onsomeshitla jam this weekend // shoutout to @princess_godiva for this candid I didn’t even know about till now. // #kendama #sweetskendamas
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