🙏🏾 SOME WOMEN ARE LOST IN THE FIRE, SOME WOMEN ARE BUILT FROM IT🔥🙌🏾🦁. #SpirituallyFree 🕊👀 @GreaterGoodFoundation www.TheWaitBook.Com📕 #Jesus ~Time

36 has been dope thus far! I can’t wait to see what lessons 37 brings. I’ve never had more peace in my life then I do right now. I don’t have to be who people want me to be ..I only have to be obedient & set my heart on Him. •Colossians 3:1-4• (Via~ @Wise_Supreme ) #HappySabbath #FreedomFeelsGood 🔔 #36HasNoApologies #37boutToBeAMonster #AllPureLove
Soo im at work. Had to use the bathroom. Thank’d God again for this job.. then decided to take a pic cause I’m happy 🤷🏽‍♀️ #random
WEEK 1. #IfNotNowWhen ? 🎥@ContentNowLA 🎵Tunes: @EricBellinger #BeTheChange you want to see. @GodIsDope_
#Repost ・・・ [ 🆕 ] Via @fusetv : "@MeaganGood gets pulled into a brawl and the personal drama crosses into her professional life." 🙈@WilmerValderrama ’s #hollywoodpuppetshow COMING 🔜
😱🙈💕😭🙌🏾🙏🏾 (Full Story in Bio)
~PLOTTING~ Two Directors. One vision #Day2 #IfNotNowWhen (Photo cred @MaishaOliver 📸 🙄)
But God .. they told us no.. God said yes.
Broham @EricBellinger + @Neyo + #Spandex = It’s an #EazyCall 🤙🏾
Let’s keep raising our voices and making noise that can’t drowned out! It isn’t over yet. #Repost @christinamilian ・・・ Sad by the idea that babies & children have been taken from their parents like this. It’s simply cold hearted- I thought it was resolved today due to everyone’s efforts in reversing this but I read they’re saying they are keeping the ones already “detained” till their parents go to court which could take up to 3 weeks at least. :( so, I say keep calling these families should be reunited ASAP. 💓 #keepfamiliestogether
🤯 #WakeUp .. mind blown. #Repost @loganlaurice ・・・ An infant detention center. Just think on that for a second. If it doesn’t sicken and stir you the way it did Rachel Maddow, you aren’t paying enough attention. #Repost @shaunking ・・・ My God. The Trump administration has opened up three "tender age" detention centers in South Texas for babies that have been FORCEFULLY taken from their parents. A fourth infant detention center is about to be opened. This is Rachel Maddow as she gets the breaking news.
. (via @wise_supreme )
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