Brian the short half black kid

R.I.P Keyboard Cat

Revelations: 24: Everyone on Planet Earth should watch Planet Earth while stoned at least once.
Alright so I went to bed high and I had some CRAZY ass dreams bro I thought xxxtentacion was dead it was so sad
Revelations: 23: comment Netflix shows I should watch
Revelations: 22: ew why am I posting more lol, it's not that bad actually (yo the captain underpants movie is funny as shit)
Morning yall (someone talk to me I don't wanna text first)
Revelations: 22: lol I'm better now, and life is good wyd
I don't care (read any of this if you care,,,,,ok so I just got out of the shower and I just wanted to say I hate selfish people like just be happy and grateful stop bitching there are a lot of good things in your life. Everyone is mentally fucked one way or another, just because You've done something before or you're trying to be unique doesn't make you any more special, just in the end I'm happy and people should know I don't care about them as much as they think I do because people are accessories and all there is is you,,,,only you) (Lol I'm tragic) (posting to the internet for some kind of closure that isn't happening)
This shit got me heated
End of day mood
Revelations: 21: hows everyone doing
Revelations: 20: Ok but did y'all see Dragon Ball super episode 130?
Revelations: 19: Big ole facts
Ugh I'm too sad when sober
Revelations: 18: the good times really do come :)
Revelations: 17: lmao how's everyone
Revelations: 16: AHAHAHAHAHA ME
Revelations: 15: Ugh ugh anxiety regretting saying things bye bye mental health
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