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Mornings on Cocos Island. Rather mesmerising watching the black tip sharks do their thing in the crystal clear waters
My last voyage into Balgo Hill in the middle of the Tanami Desert. Thought I'd better take a selfie. These residents don't drive to see a doctor they just dial an Air Uber for a lift ✈
Welcome to Direction Island, one of the most magical beaches I've visited. They call this Australia yet it's 2000kms from the mainland. There are no buildings on this island, a rip at one end full of coral and fish to float down past and watch or just have a nap like @melsyrb . You can catch a ferry here twice a week. A place I'll remember forever, totally off the grid out here ✌
Some of the best swimming pools in Australia without the crowds, that's Kimberley living πŸ™
Island life on Lake Argyle, sharing the sunset with a few wallabies and some friendly fresh water crocs #thisisliving #lovinglakeargyle
Kununurra, you only need to go a stone's throw from town to see why it gets its 5 star rating ✌
One of my favourite swimming holes, complimentary waterfall inclusive ✌
Reflecting on the times I had just cruising down my number #1 river in @australia , the Ord River. This week I'm putting some of my favourite photos up on @thekimberleyaustralia page, follow along for some more Kimberley magic ✌
Diversion dam sunsets, textbook Kununurra πŸ‘Œ
Direction Island, recently voted Australia's #1 beach for 2017. You can catch a ferry here twice a week from Cocos Island for the day or stay and camp. One of Australia's best kept secrets 😍
A black tip shark sussing out his prey in the crystal clear waters of Cocos Island. It's hard to believe these islands 2000kms from mainland Australia became an Australian Territoy in the 1980s...well played @australia
Another textbook Perth summer day πŸšπŸ‘Œ
Life in the outback ✌
Flying around the bush, every now and then you have to stop to take in the serenity...then wait for the cattle to get out of the way to take off.
Life out in the bush ✌
Life of a charter pilot. Wait around in remote communites watching episodes of JAG with the residents until the storms are about to hit. Some how passengers had this uncanny ability to always want to go just as the biggest storms of the day were about to hit. Going to miss dodging storms listening to spotify premium whilst trying to get a bar of signal on your phone to get the weather radar #justanotherdayinGA
Hope everyones having a great weekend. Golden hour on the Ord River #seeaustralia
Recently my time in the top end came to an end, after 404 visits to the Kalumburu community it was time to get my textbook tourist photo. Thanks to all the legends I met along the way for making it so enjoyable.
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