Matt Rodriguez

Skate fast play brass 👍🏻🎺 a sTEEZ gAWD i wILL bE

Becareful, people aren't actually who you think they are. I'm tired of hypocrites just say what you're really thinking, don't be scared to have your own opinion lol. Don't have mommy and daddy's opinions make the for your self.
48 states, I get it in
This man has a terrible taste in jazz we shall all shun him.
Missin the hair just a bit
January 23, 1978 😥 the world lost an amazing guitar player #colourmyworld
We are the Sultans of Swing.
Sorry mama need some sausage
Which one 1 or 2
Merry Christmas from yung N' angry freshman me.
My thirds are always pickardy @jaxson.rives @william.clyburn
Ok mom
Hey look it's Charlie Parker. • Please tell me at least one person that follows me gets this joke.
Ooooh what you saaaay
@jamie_foy your old neighbor cuts my hair
Had a good time for my first time being a junior counselor with the homies @hagen_fiese @pugwizard @modwolf69 @stestestevie @texasskateboardingclub
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