Matt Rodriguez

Skate fast play brass 👍🏻🎺 a sTEEZ gAWD i wILL bE

This was like a year ago hahaha so much has changed. Also shout out evan
If you are a Wranglerette and you save spots in the parking lot that's not cool it's rude and makes it inconvenient for every one else. It's so annoying when I see a spot but some one is parked half way in the spot so I can't park there. Just be an intelligent kind person and park like every one else.
When someone asks "What are you thinking about" when I zone out, this is probably the type of thing that's crossing my mind.
Reflections of the Man From Nangs
Fun fun fun this weekend
Officially inducted into the Cold River cook off team 😄I've been wanting this uniform since I was 13 I am so happy it was such a good weekend
Goofin with my boy @hagen_fiese
Grocery store flexing at its finest with @hagen_fiese
Good day
Good Grief
Shout out to @hagen_fiese for an amazing edit of my ok skating.
Thanks for filming @_xxemogawdxx_
Crooks are fun but I can't figure out how to flip into them.
Shout out to these random kids for taking a selfie with me in galvy this weekend
Fun day in galvy with my peoples
lol who remembers this kid. I wonder where he went...
Imma become a poet
Link in the bio to donate, don't feel obligated but a little goes along way and is MUCH appreciated. The point of this is for my good friend mitchell, and I to turn a Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX into a sweet rally car. Thanks 🙏
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