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Marvel Studios’ Ant-Man and The Wasp in theaters now!

The stars of #AntManAndTheWasp arrived in style at the European Premiere at @disneylandparis
Tag who you are taking to see #AntManAndTheWasp this weekend. Now playing in theaters!
The buzz is true: #AntManAndTheWasp is now playing in theaters. Get your tickets (link in bio)
Escape to the theaters this weekend. #AntManAndTheWasp is now playing.
Don’t miss the #1 movie in the world. #AntManAndTheWasp is in theaters now:
“What was your favorite part?” #AntManAndTheWasp is the #1 movie in the world. Get your tickets at the link in bio!
It’s all been leading to this. Get Marvel Studios’ "@Avengers : #InfinityWar " with over two hours of bonus features on Digital, @movies.anywhere , and 4K UHD JULY 31 and Blu-ray AUG 14.
“We make a pretty good team.” See #AntManAndTheWasp in theaters now. (Link in bio)
The buzz has never been bigger. #AntManAndTheWasp is the #1 movie in the world. Have you seen it yet? (Link in bio)
What was your favorite Wasp moment? #AntManAndTheWasp in theaters now.
“If only Cap could see you now...” See #AntManAndTheWasp in theaters now! (Link in bio)
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