— jess🥀

svp + ae newt & cas have my heart💌 tas is my soulmate<3

poetic justice for dylan + nahian💓 #predakingrp #defendgrp
night changes 100% ib: mxhttp i tried to be creative but it came out ugly,, #omgpage #predakingrp
marvels finest for payton, tasbeeh, and all you beautiful women out there<3 ac: @emiliasbastard
my brand for mary, sully, rachel, + alex ac/ib: sophies.aep no hate to sam + dean i love them both
haven’t they gone through enough? for nahian, lisa, kate, + alexane ac: ahkari
twisted for wanda defense gc + layla ib: angelicorgin #infinitygrprct
3/3 ignore
2/3 time for me to try out borders🤪
1/3 just ignore this🤧
for lisa<3 ac/rm: eunoais i hate this sm probably deleting later
kings of the mcu happy early birthday tom<3 [NOT A PLOTTWIST]
legends never die for simmy, mia, tom, + amy💘 [NOT A PLOTTWIST] reposted bc it flopped #predakingrp
godkiller for katie + tori<3 my audio! (wear 🎧)
for dylan<3
isn’t that the ‘why’ we fight? so we can end the fight, so we get to go home? for the marvel fandom (wear 🎧)
⏤kneel 100% rm: @angelicorigin cc/ac: @angelicorigin for nahian, dylan, payton, sav, and arzu<3 [new style]
⏤he already met her for analie + sully<3 ib/rm: @starsial never let me try this style again💀 @xwests @dceualpha
am i dreaming?
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