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Who should lead the team in Avengers 4? Iron Man, Steve or Captain Marvel? I have a strong feeling Iron Man will lead the team in Avengers 4. Post Avengers 4, it may be Captain Marvel as well as Nick Fury, because he seemingly survived Avengers 4 as he is reported to be in FFH.
The surviving Avengers are reportedly getting matching white suits in Avengers 4. What do you think?
#Nebula Vs #ProximaMidnight : Who would win? Comment below! I'd go with Nebula, Even though both are almost equally skilled fighters.
➡️SWIPE➡️If you could have any superpower for a day, what would you have?
➡️SWIPE➡️Who was the best fighter in Infinity War, according to you?
➡️SWIPE➡️Who's your favourite Spider-Man, Tobey, Andrew or Tom? Mine's Tom Holland. I'm not a huge fan of how Tobey appeared as Spider-Man (he was too huge for a Spider-Man in my opinion) but he executed his character very well. I kinda like how Andrew appeared as Spider-Man but his character was not as well written as Tobey or Tom. But Tom Holland is the best live action Spider-Man so far.
Bruce went from "I" am always angry to "WE" are having a problem. No, Bruce, YOU are the Hulk, you don't HAVE a Hulk
Avengers: Infinity War Blu-ray and digital release trailer! #Repost @avengers (@get_repost ) ・・・ It’s all been leading to this. Get Marvel Studios’ "Avengers​: #InfinityWar " with over two hours of bonus features on Digital, @Movies.Anywhere ​, and 4K UHD July 31 and Blu-ray August 14: [link in bio]
What did Groot actually say to Thor and Steve? Comment below! Best answers will be ♥️'d by me! @jamesgunn
Who is your favorite 2018 MCU villain? Mine's Thanos. There are people who preferred Killmonger to Thanos too. And I absolutely loved what they did with Ghost! It was a different take on a standalone movie villain and @hannahjohnkamen was amazing as the character!
Was Thanos right? Comment below what you think! I think he was right, you can't change my mind. (Thanos' farm art by Pete Thompson)
I choose Captain America. Who do you choose?
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