Chris Marrs Piliero

I apparently am a big fan of group pics.

Where's Chris Piliero? @hero_and_max
1997-2017 #tbt #20yearsCHS97
RIP to the most beautiful Khaleesi there ever was. #gameofthronesfinalefuneral
This show has tricked us all into gleefully rooting for incest.
5 internet points to whoever finds @alexross_h in this pic first #got #gameofthrones #gotseason7
Once upon a time we went to high school together. #20yearsCHS97
@oohlalola thought she was just so damn clever by facing the camera to try to ruin the picture but alas she wasn't alone and in fact got out-creepy-face'd by @ryannstar
A lot of sadness and confusion in this pic. Somebody check on @hellotybeeren and make sure she's okay.
Another episode. Another group photo. #gameofthrones #got #got7 #bammargeragreyjoy
Instagram is apparently not a fan of my childhood butt and removed this pic so I'm reposting it with some booty blur. Contrary to popular belief, the class photo is not attached to or coming out of my butt.
We're thrilled for Shawn & Shannon's wedding. #getyourtickets
Since I apparently only post group photos now... here we are for my birthday laser tag adventure a couple of weeks ago. We didn't get to beat up any little kids this time but we managed to have fun regardless.
Game of Thrones had another episode. We watched it.
A whole lotta set-up in the premiere, but hot damn that opening scene was fantastic. #got #gameofthrones #winterishere
We almost escaped a room for @shawndempy 's bachelor party.
America's birthday... ☑️. Pool party... ☑️. Awesome friends old and new... ☑️. @carloalbertoorecchia 's giant mutated furry left arm... ☑️.
😉👌🏻Thanks for being my dad, Dad! #happyfathersday
Nothing to see here. Just two grown men shitting themselves on a roller coaster.
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