Mark Ruffalo

A husband, father, actor, director, and a climate change and renewable energy advocate with an eye out for love and hope. Please, enjoy my photos.

A Washington crime and cover-up has triggered the world's worst humanitarian crisis. Call 1-833-786-7927 to tell your Senator to join @berniesanders & @senmikelee to end a secretive, unconstitutional U.S.-Saudi war in Yemen. Together, we can help save millions of lives. #StopTheWar #SandersLeeYemen #YemenCantWait
#HeroActs take STRENGTH + SENSITIVITY. Adding my favorite new toys into this special delivery for children's hospitals.
Polaroid from the 90s taken by @kristinaloggia. #tbt
At the Valentino show in Paris. Nothing but smiles!
The VERY top secret photo shoot.
What a ride it's been...
This was taken when I was bartending at Sean McPherson's Small Bar in the early 90s. My old friend @kristinaloggia took it one rare overcast day in LA. I did my first Stella Adler play with her. A great artist and actress and friend. #tbt
Let's gooooooo!! #InfinityWar
We are more powerful when we stand together! #PeoplesSOTU
Love you guys.
Saw this on Reddit. Hhaha. My last day on IW. The final exit.
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