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Same, Same, @streicherhair. But that’s okay....Let’s go WEEKEND!! Also, #takemebacktokilimanjaro #fbf
I’m not sure there’s a way to top our girls weekend at @ventanabigsur (one of my most favorite places ever) but we’ve decided to aim for it to become an annual tradition. The walk in the redwoods, the poolside chats, the endless laughs, the food, the wine.....We lived our best lives and I’m left blown away by my friends and our good fortune to be able to share these moments together. A special shoutout to the bff of all bffs, @rp1313 , who always goes above and beyond and executed the most thoughtful, perfect experience for all of us. ❤️❤️❤️❤️ these ladies (and @chaseweideman ) with my whole heart. #bestweekendever #bigsur #yesourcolorpalettewasinspiredbyrajneeshpuram
The mountain. Forever commemorated. Thank you @winter_stone for the reminder of what we accomplished. #kilimanjaro
First hike back with this one. 💗 you, @streicherhair and starting the day out like this. Feeling grounded and ready to tackle the rest of the week but def missing the Kili crew ⛰ (@jenniferleighdalton , @dawestheband , @andrewmaguirephoto , @lynseydyer and @chaseweideman )! #whyihike
Happy Birthday to my Bday twin, @dkharbour. Here’s to a triple party with Steven Segal next year!
It’s shame we had zero fun and clearly dislike each other. I kid, I kid. Honestly- just feeling some major #postkiliblues today, right @streicherhair and @chaseweideman ? Take me back! 😩 #fbf #tanzania #kilimanjaro
SKB! Happy Birthday to the guy we could (and do) gush about endlessly. You are a treasure, @sterlingkbrown. Hope you’re enjoying your day!! 😉💗
So excited to be on the cover of @newbeauty - on stands April 17th (but there’s a sneak peak in my bio)... and thanks to @ninomunoz , @streicherhair , @jennstreicher , @cristinaehrlich and @kevinmichaelericson for a fantastic shoot!! 💘💘💘💘
#thedarkestminds . Excited for this one.... August 3rd.
Just a few extra pics from our trip. This one is one of the most important because without these gentlemen, our trip wouldn’t have been possible. To our 3 guides (Julius, Abdi and Ben) and all of our porters who single-handedly buioed our spirits (and carried our lives in their hands), thank you will never cover our immense gratitude. Their infectious energy through music and actions made our trip what it was and I will forever be indebted to both @alpenglowexpeditions and @eddiebauer for a such an unforgettable journey. #tanzania #kilimanjaro
I miss the mountain already. I miss the daily rituals and customs that became forever engrained in the fabric of what this experience was; the “water for washing” every morning and evening, our instant coffee at breakfast, the constant peels of laughter at all of the inside jokes, finding the rhythm of packing and unpacking at every new camp site, the high fives and pleasantries and shorthand exchanged with our porters.... I also miss the simplicity of it all. We were only tasked with one goal every day: to find our breath and put one foot in front of the other. No distractions, no other responsibilities. How liberating! Our phones didn’t work and it forced us all to be completely available to the practice and meditation of being present- with one another and with the climb. Even though it’s not real life, we all have jobs and families and our regularly scheduled lives to jump back into, I’ve been thinking a lot about how to apply that principle on a more regular basis because this journey was about so much more than simply checking off some item on life’s To-Do list. I’m endlessly amazed and grateful to my body for getting me up that mountain. I’m grateful to share a deeper bond with some of my closest friends and to have made new pals that will be family for life. I know that on days when I’m feeling especially overwhelmed with whatever lies in front of me, I can close my eyes, remember Kilimanjaro and pole pole. Slow and steady does win the race. #uttergratitude #liveyouradventure #ebcontributor #sponsored
On the night of our ascent to the summit, we woke up at 11pm (after a few hours of napping) to enjoy a couple of nervous minutes together with a cup of coffee before it was time to gear up in my our warmest layers and start the nearly 8 hour trek to highest point in Africa- 19,341 ft. In total darkness, we took it pole pole (slow slow) and trudged through rain, sleet and snow, where seemingly everything on our person managed to freeze (water bottles, backpacks, our eyelashes, hair, fingers, toes, etc...) Oddly, I’ve never felt more determined to tackle such a physical challenge before and yet the combined elements of exhaustion and extremely cold weather made it much trickier than any of us were prepared for. All of that aside, ultimately reaching the threshold of the true summit was more emotional and overwhelming than I had thought possible. Kilimanjaro demands a lot from those who traverse her trails. You have no choice but to show up. And we did. There’s nothing more empowering than realizing that we are all capable of so much more than we give ourselves credit for. #whyihike #liveyouradventure #sponsored
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