Macey Hall

Senior Social Media Manager at @instylemagazine. 📲

I really love my job working in social media but an occupational hazard is that I’m always. on. my. phone. @evachen212 said the other day that some people check Instagram a staggering 32 times a day. THIRTY TWO. 😱 And I’m obviously one of them. So I’m taking a much-needed digital detox. No emails, calls, texts, social media, bbm (jk, I wish), and thank god, no Slack for the next week. ✌🏼
I like @VicsNewYork because it has a groovy flamingo bathroom and because it serves a high-brow version of the Blooming Onion, but mostly because that’s my dad’s name and he’s a cool dude.
Back in the 96-degree floating pile of garbage I call home, but wishing I was still in the great state of Maine celebrating the beautiful wedding of my dear friends @annie_cambridge and Bob! 💡#BecomingCutler
Maine is 😍😍😍. #BecomingCutler
Fashion friendship bracelets on set today. 😍 @dior
To celebrate our first ever Badass Women™ Issue, @laurabrown99 felt that a magazine just wasn’t enough — so we took it to the streets of NYC! 💯 #InStyleBadassWomen #BadassWomenIssue
📍Perfect place to spend a Friday evening. 🍷 📚
Listen fam, Slytherins are misunderstood, okay? ⚡️🐍 #WizardingWorld #HarryPotter
Athletics, ever heard of it? ⛳️
I took approximately 876 pictures of this tree over the course of the weekend.💡
Breakfast at camp. 🏕 #CampBrooklinen
As an extreme Summer Camp Person™, I’m so excited to be at camp for the weekend with @brooklinen...and there are even friendship bracelets waiting to be made. 😍 #CampBrooklinen
What a great gal. 🗽
Full time social manager, part time personal paparazzi for one @laurabrown99. 📲 #content #BTS
Camp is back in session for the summer. 🏕 #CampMurray
The day we shot our Jessica Alba @instylemagazine cover in LA, @laurabrown99 and @rinajstone graciously let my mom stop by the set, and she was in her GLORY! Here she is plotting to run off with some @gucci. #Nance
Technically it’s still May, but here at @instylemagazine it’s already July!
I missed ya, Maine. ❤️
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