1x IPF World Champ U.S. National Team Equipped/Raw UW Milwaukee Mechanical Engineering

After a very tiring weekend, came in and and finished all 8 sets of 10’s. Top set @170kgs 374lbs, 30lbs over last week somehow! Must be the coach, @purefitnesswi. . Had to bring out the white legs to get a break from heat, just preparing for that San Antonio weather. @she_nay_nay12 @nick_scannell #usapl #ipf #squat
Wondering how long volume will suck for??? Can’t call it fun just yet... • Two weeks in and still trying to catch my breath, paused 5s @162.5kg on squat. 10s on deadlifts @157.5kg all hook🔪👍🏻 Haven’t been able to bench since Open Nats but oh well. • More 10s coming @purefitnesswi @she_nay_nay12 @nick_scannell @camrynlifts @alex.ochs.ochs @jakemcfarland1 #usapl #ipf #squat #bench #deadlift #
As much as Powerlifting is an individual sport, those around you that help you through to your goals are integral to success. Couldn’t do what I do without stronger people behind me! My mom @squeakkyt , my coach , Mike Steinmetz, the gorgeous @she_nay_nay12 ❤️, and my brother in arms💪🏻 @bigswolenate were there for all the fun! Its Volume Szn for all PF athletes! @nick_scannell #ipf #usapl #squat #bench #deadlift
Open Nationals 2018 Recap: Couldn’t ask for a better support system in Spokane, Washington. From Mike Steinmetz @purefitnesswi , @she_nay_nay12 handling me behind the scenes, all my fellow Wisconsinites in the crowd, and all other family friends! Went 6/9 on the day, missing my 3rd squat at 327.5kg on depth, finished at 320kg. Finished bench at 227.5kg on my 3rd after missing it on my 2nd, it moved like an opener as well! Deadlifts were interesting, missed 302.5kg on strength on my second and came back with the help of some ammonia and finished it out on the 3rd. (5kg PR) Matched my Best total at 850kg back when I was a super heavy boi. First place Junior and fifth place open with a bunch of other studs. Never been this beat up during and after a meet, don’t think I’ll be doing another quick prep for a while. Thank you to the meet directors @ribic_productions , the spotters, and judges for all the hard work! Peep the smile behind me💕 #ipf #usapl #666
No one else I’d rather spend time with! Thank you for loading weights and keeping me calm all day and weekend! Open Nationals 2018 was a huge success🔥 Recap to come soon! @she_nay_nay12 ❤️ #dime #usapl #ipf
Just over one week out from Open Nationals! Trying to stay peaked for a month is very tough btw. Excited to share the platform with the best in the country, especially @she_nay_nay12 ❤️ even though she lifts Friday. 📸: @sixjuan3 #usapl #ipf #squat #bench #deadlift
Solid training week in the books in prep for Open Nationals. CNS is finally not fried chicken! Working on a little depth and position on deadlift, bench is just fun right now! Squat 683lbs, Bench 518lbs, Deadlift 650lbs. Big thanks to the @purefitnesswi fam! @nick_scannell @calradka775 @camrynlifts @alex.ochs.ochs @squeakkyt
Just Gonna Send It! ~Larry 📸: @sixjuan3 Attempt Selection Brought to you by @nick_scannell , @bteel_74kg , and @she_nay_nay12 🔥 #711 #usapl #ipf #cstx2018
Collegiates 2018 This year proved to be my best yet! I am surrounded by friends, family, and a great team (my hype squad @mkepowerlifting )! Weighed in at 118.4kg (261 lbs), which is down 44 lbs since last year! Matched my personal best on squats at 327.5kg, hit a mediocre 210kg bench on my opener and did some placement jumps on deadlift to secure Second place with a 292.5 kg pull on my second attempt. I had been preparing for a large pull throughout this cycle so in an attempt to pull for first we jumped 30kgs to 322.5kg (711 lbs). This was much heavier than anything I’ve ever tried and I’m proud to say it broke the floor and moved for a bit! Congrats to @_knox31 on the First Place finish! Thank you to my brothers @nick_scannell , @bteel_74kg and Mike Steinmetz from @purefitnesswi for handling me through out! Huge thanks to my mom @squeakkyt for all the videos and cheering throughout! Lastly thank you @she_nay_nay12 for doing it all between handling, loading, and losing her voice while cheering from my corner! Could not have done this without you. You’re a treasure❤️ #usapl #ipf #cstx2018 #squat #bench #deadlift
Words don’t explain how proud I am of her! She worked her butt off all weekend officiating and handling others, then competed herself in a stacked 72kg weight class. 4th in the nation is something to be proud of especially with the circumstances. But she didn’t stop there, she woke up early and worked then handled me like an absolute champ during Primetime! Thank you for all you do for me babe! @she_nay_nay12 ❤️
The Kid @nick_scannell competes today in his second USAPL Collegiate Nationals! Training has been mint coming in so looking for some big PRs starting at 1 P.M. Central time today😈 Let’s get it brother! #usapl #ipf #cstx2018
Then vs. Now, down 40 pounds and a few inches of hair. 678 (307.5kg) on the bar in both. Openers are in for Collegiate Nationals in C-STAT! I’ll be lifting Sunday the 22nd around 1 P.M.! Counting down the days til @nick_scannell and the rest of @mkepowerlifting get to compete! See you soon @she_nay_nay12 😊
Had to act like I was doing my job instead of staring at the head judge for the first session.... Amazing photos by the one and only @riahgoeshamm Btw she’s back in equipment👀 #usapl #ipf
Put the straps up, now we’re ready to pull @nick_scannell has been cookin’ too👀 Less than two weeks until we get to CSTAT! #usapl #ipf #cstx2018 #singleplytillidie
Tempo Bench is Zero joke, but Eight seconds long. 295x3 w/pause (last set) 305x3 295x3 @nick_scannell #cstx2018 #usapl #ipf
This gorgeous gal came all the way from Texas to freeze her butt off with me! Oh and she smoked some PRs, ran a perfect platform, and tried Wisconsin Kringle! I cannot wait to be back in the state where everything is bigger and to crush Collegiates🔥 @she_nay_nay12
Casual competition triples this week, top set at 330lbs (150kg) which is a new paused PR! Bench took a dip from the weight cut for a while but strength is definitely back! 31 days until Collegiates! Only 3 days til the weekend though😊 @nick_scannell @calradka775 #usapl #ipf #cstx2018
“Lookin’ like a raw competitor, but you know the deal. Throw on equipment and the love is real.” ~Slim Shady (I think) #equippedpowerlifting #120boiz #usapl #ipf #cstx2018
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