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Star Wars Selfies

Happy Father's Day to all the Dads out there! #fathersday #starwars #lukeskywalker #darthvader
Saturday at the Texas Rangers game for their annual Star Wars days. It's always a fun time, and they treat us real well.
Spent some time last weekend at the North Texas Irish Festival. Lots of kilted troopers, and lots of neat vendors to see. #ntif #lukeskywalker #stargarrison
What is this, a Mark Hamill character convention? #starwars #joker #lukeskywalker
It kinda felt like Hoth, but I didn't recognize these locals. This was actually at Creekview High School, for a fundraiser Comic-Con event. I've never seen so many Disney Princesses! #starwars #frozen #anna #lukeskywalker
It wasn't quite as roomy as a trash compactor in the changing room, but this troop a few weeks ago was real special anyways. A big Star Wars fan passed away, and we came out to the post-memorial reception at the family's request.
I think I found the last Jedi! Always great to meet another Luke, but his real name is Josh. #thelastjedi #starwars #lukeskywalker
Suddenly, a wild @ashcattb appears! So sweet, and I love her hair, it's the beautiful color of milk! #dallasfandays #lukeskywalker #crossover #starwars
Check out my sweet new ride, I found this thing on the side of the road on a forest moon. Low mileage, runs great, perfect for commuting or taking out imperial forces. #speederbike #lukeskywalker #starwars #fandays
I met a really nice jawa at Fan Days, I don't know why they get such a bad rap. Unrelated, I seem to have lost my wallet, if anyone sees it, please let me know. #lukeskywalker #jawa #starwars
Aaron is one of those guys behind the scenes at the Texas Rangers that makes all the magic happen. It's crazy that they remember me from year to year, but I guess my name being the same as the character makes it easy. #txrangers #starwarsnight #lukeskywalker #behindthescenes
I've met Debbie at a few events before, she's part of a different local Star Wars group, but we all get along. #rangers #lukeskywalker #starwarsnight
I was told she was playing Mara Jade after we were done fighting, but she didn't like it when I called her "honey" or "shnookums" #lukeskywalker #marajade
Turns out Leia now runs a library near Fort Worth. She said I could borrow books for free! #lukeskywalker #princessleia #princessleiacosplay #starwars
I keep running in to this guy. Good troop today at the library. #lukeskywalker
Here's a scary figure you probably wouldn't want to meet in a dark alley, and next to him is a very pretty dark lord of the sith. I think. Right after this we had to go change so I didn't get to learn all about this character. Love the makeup though!
Omar was on his first troop with the 501st, unfortunately it got rained out. His uniform was crisp though, he wears it well. Also, there's the organizer photobombing us...
This is Elisa, one of the organizers for the Concert in the Gardens that the Fort Worth Symphony puts on every year. She was awesome, so helpful and nice, even though we got rained out. Check out those buns!
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