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Creator.✨ Wiccan. 🕯 Baptize me in rose water.🌹💦 Yes I’m DOMINICAN. 🇩🇴 PHILLY/NYC. 🏙 Email/DM for bookings. 📸

“I’m coming into terms with myself entirely.” Not Yours, Not For Everybody: I’m sorry that I don’t have a ripped body like these male IG models & fitness instructors. I’m sorry I’m not “masculine” enough for you to even entertain me. I’m sorry that I’m extra quite around people I don’t fuck with or sometimes I just don’t have shit to say. I’m sorry that I’m straightforward & honest & my tolerance for certain things is low. I’m sorry I’m a hopeless romantic. I’m sorry i’m not yours and probably never will be. I’m really not for everybody. I’m really not sorry. I’m really not apologizing. I’m working on me physically & spiritually. Progress. #poetrycommunity #poet #poetry #poetryofinstagram
“You will always remember a Scorpio...” Scorpio Silence: I’ll make myself whole when this world is cleansed. I no longer take for granted what I’ve been given. I’ll handle with care what I’ve been dealt with. The cards will fall into place when they’re meant to. Not before, not any sooner. Not until I let go & silence my ego. #poetrycommunity #poet #poetry #poetryofinstagram
Brooklyn Boy: “He was my best & my worst.”’ Ions later the ghost returns. He wants to steal my light again. He wants to ruin my life again. I’ll need something stronger than sage. An exorcism would be too extreme. He’s not alone. He has a partner. Is he really that much in love? Something about me has him coming back. I made him physically aroused. I stimulated him mentally. It was a bond, it was chemistry. When I got that notification. My body became inflamed. Hopeful I was for a split second. Then I realized I couldn’t go through that cemetery. I realized I would have to bury myself, if I let him back in. #poem #pridemonth #poetrycommunity #poet #poetry #poetryofinstagram
My only male counterpart. 💜🌙✨ @sanvernetas #happypridemonth #phillypride
Hurry up & take my pic before the train comes. 😅💕 #happypridemonth #boyswithcoloredhair
When your heart & body are in constant battle, eliminate emotions.
“Souls like this are rare.” Extinct: Many of these people don’t know how to act, when they have a little bit of money. Power makes them beyond hungry. Change for the worse corrupts their judgement. You should evolve for the better, and not forget where you came from. You can’t be “woke” and be one sided. You have to be open minded, and see all sides of any situation. Your chakras aren’t aligned if you give in to those kind of temptations. Like signing your life away to the devil. All for just a little chump change. Where is the fulfillment and enlightenment? I know we could all do better. Stop blaming others, your past and upbringing. You’re the creator of your future. It’s all excuses in your head. Its a choice to be broken. Don’t become pseudo and extinct. #poetry #poem #poetrycommunity #anneriresreturn #sailormoon
“I want to enchant you, imprison you with my aura.” Lavender Roses: The perfect guy always seems to become jaded before meeting me. Whoever he falls for is going to be very lucky. I thought he would eventually fall for me. When he first laid eyes on me I really thought that would be the case. But I keep predicting things wrong. It’s ok though. His honesty is a breath of fresh air. I’m not upset at the fact he doesn’t want what I want. I’m upset with destiny and how it continues to tease my heart. I’m disappointed because I got my hopes up. Whatever I did in my past life is detrimental to this one. All I want is love. All I want is for a man to fall in deep. No questions, no baggage. Just wake me with sweet kisses. Bring me lavender colored roses in the morning. #poetry #poem #poetrycommunity #anneriresreturn #sailormoon
“Never, ever, give up on love.” Feel Sorry For The Quitter: It’s a shame to see such a beautiful red rose turn black. Why would you give up on love? Why throw away the very essence that makes you, unique.? An admiring hopeless romantic. A creature who was born to love, & be loved, forever. They feel bad to see the sadness and bitterness in your eyes. They don’t know how it feels, because they’re happy. But are they content? There’s a big difference. Don’t be so quick to judge. Don’t be so quick to feel sorry for the quitter. #poetry #poem #poetrycommunity #anneriresreturn #sailormoon
No, my knees are not ashy. It’s the lighting, my skin is very nourished & soft. 😌
I just want to feel the perfect balance of wanting to jump his bones, & be able to pour my soul to him. Not one or the other.
Happy Cinco De Mayo from latinos to our other Latinos. Specifically Mexicanos because it is YOUR holiday! 😉 @tosh_no_point_oh
I’m a catch, & I’m trying to catch the right one. I will never settle. 💕 📸: @aktiscreative #tbt #hm #jamestudor #malemodel #model #westhavenmgmt #smartmodels
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