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S: *makeshim self a cup of coffee in the kitchen to keep him awake so he can go back to the mirror dimension to practice his magic without damaging tony’s electronics* . T: *goes back from work and misses stephen so bad* Steeeph...? Are you home..? . S: *walks to him from the kitchen, sipping his hot coffee* i’m here, tony... *yawns* . T: are you still practicing that spell? Have you even slept, wizard? *takes a couple of steps closer* . S: *walks passes him* who needs sleep when you can make yourself a good cup of coffee, tony..? . T: *gets on his way and puts his hand on stephen’s chest to stop him walk* you do, wizard. Look at your eye bags. You look like a panda now. You need to sleep. . S: i don’t want to sleep, tony.. Besides, this is what you do too, isn’t it? And this coffee actually tastes good tho.. . T: really? Can i taste it...?. . S: tony, you can make one yourse- . T: *cuts his sentence in a half with a passionate kiss to taste the coffee from stephen’s lips and breath* . S: *doesn’t finish his sentence and responds to his kiss instead* . T: *pulls away for some air* Who said i wanted to taste it from a cold glass...? . S: so what are you gonna do now...? *stares at tony’s lips, getting turned on* . T: i’m gonna do whatever you do when i’m being like this then.. *grabs stephen’s front clothes to pull him an inch closer* . S: *rests his forehead on tony’s* which is...? *waits for him to lock his lips again while feeling his warm breath flows to his lips* . T: distracting you *rubs stephen’s lower body part with his other hand to hear him say his name sexily before unzipping his trousers, freeing something from it, and pleasuring it* ...and making you surrender. . S: *lets out some moans slip through his caffeine lips but isn’t ready to surrender just yet* . T: come on, wizard.. let me help you fall asleep tonight. I don’t wanna sleep alone.. *bites stephen’s chin playfully while he’s still working with his other hand* . S: ....i surrender. *draws a portal to their bed&carries tony into it before throwing him to their california king size bed* . ...You’re gonna pay for this. . Cred: help me find them via dm/comment 💕
T: *tiptoes to grab some sugar from the high kitchen cabinet* Shit. It’s too high. . S: *grabs it for him from behind without even trying so hard* Here you are, love. *hands it to him with a smile* . T: thank god you’re here. *grabs it then continues making his morning tea* . S: *chuckles and messes tony’s hair with his hand* This is just a small part of “i’ll always be there for you” , sweetheart. . T: *smiles* i wish i could be as tall as you tho. *pouts* . S: No tony. I prefer you like this. . T: why? I even have to use my ironshoes to get these things sometimes. It sucks. . S: *puts one arm on tony’s waist and pulls him close* No, it makes you look adorable and cute. You’re perfect like this, tony.. My eyes won’t ever be able to find any flaws in you. Plus, you can always get this from me all the time. *kisses his forehead* . T: *blushes* . Cred: help me find them via dm/comment 💕 #drstrange #tonystark #ironman #ironstrange #ironstrangeedit #marvel #sherlock #sherlockholmes #gay #spiderman #spidey #peterparker #peter #petey #stephenstrange #mrdoctor #doctorstrange #benedictcumberbatch #robertdowneyjr #tomholland #openrp #ironstrangerp #rdj #ironstrangefannart #ironstrangefanart #ironstrangeheadcanon #headcanon
*t&s are jogging in the morning* T: *rests his hands on his knees&ispanting* wizard,i’m tired! . S: on your right! . T: oh, come on.. *goes back in track slowly* i’m hungry!! . S: don’t you want your stomach and chest to look like mine and make me stare at nights? . T: i did and i think i changed my mind. *is getting out of breath* . S: giving up isn’t your middle name tony. Come on! *runs faster&leaves tony behind* . T: yeah, it’s my last name!*gets no response&hears stephen’s steps behind him just a few minutes later* don’t say it! Don’t you say it! . S: on your right! . T: oh come on,wizard!?? . S: *chuckles&leaves him behind again* . T: *shouts* hey you know what keeps going through my head!?? . S: my sexy abs??? . T: NO.WHERE’S MY SANDWICH!? . S: one more round, tony. You can do it! . T: one more round my ass. I’m gonna die of a heart attack, stephen. . S: i’ll make that happen tonight. *laughs* . T: well then could you please fasten the time with your green eye necklace then!? . S: it’s the eye of agamotto, tony. And NO. Fasten your steps instead. *teases him* . T: *sighs, finishing 1 more round* . *creates a portal to their living room* . T: *throws himself to the couch* wizard, when i talked about the sandwich, i wasn’t joking. . S: *heads to the kitchen* so? . T: since you’re heading to the kitchen, could you please mak- . S: i’m your husband, not your housekeeper. . T: oh and some tea too? . S: not your house keeper. . T: wizard.. . S: *waits for him to say the magical word* . T: please...? . S: *smiles* *casts a spell to make 2 sandwiches* . T: *follows him behind* *sees 2 plates of sandwiches on the table* *runs to the table, sits down, grabs it and takes a big bite* . S: *joins him* easy before you make me a single parent after choking on that, ironboy. . T: i always swallow something so much bigger than this bite without even choking, wizard. I’m a professional. A hungry professional. So let me just finish this delicious sandwich in peace. . S: *chuckles and wipes the mayonnaise away from tony’s lips* you eat like a child tony. . T: i don’t even care. *continues eating like he’s never eaten anything since the day he was born* . Cr:sunjang
T: stephen, good boy. I’m bringing you your dinner now. *screams from the outside* *opens the door* *only finds his broken off leash on the floor* stephen, are you here? *gets no answer and starts to worry* Stephen...? *walks inside, leaving the door open* . S: *shows up from behind the door and shuts it* *pushes tony to the wall* *bites his neck gently and licks it slowly* . T: *the food tray falls out of his hands as he shivers, feeling oddly pleasured by the touch of his beloved mutant fox’s tongue and lips on the most sensitive spot and not denying it* *lets out a soft moan* . S: *tries to leave a mark just below tony’s ear, resting his hand to the wall behind him* . T: steph.. *moans as he feels stephen sucking his neck and breathing on it* . S: *kisses his cheek* *presses his lower body against tony’s, making some slow frictions that slowly tighten their trousers* . T: *loses himself, moans and presses his lips against stephen’s* . S: *sucks tony’s upper lip then sinks his tongue inside tony’s mouth, french kissing him* . T: *pulls away for some air* . S: *realizes what he’s doing to his master, and suddenly feels sorry* master, i’m sorry i didn’t- . T: *grabs his broken leash and pulls him back close* no, no. Don’t be. It’s alright, stephen. It’s okay. Come here... *slides his hand into stephen’s tight trousers, grabs the thing in it, strokes it slowly and watches stephen’s reaction* . S: *hisses through his teeth when he’s feeling the touch of his master’s hand in his trousers* *moans and starts undoing their clothes fast before fully pleasuring each other till they forget they need some dinner and the light of the sun shines on their unclothed bodies through the window in the morning* . Cred: help me find them via dm/comment 💕 #drstrange #tonystark #ironman #ironstrange #ironstrangeedit #marvel #sherlock #sherlockholmes #gay #spiderman #spidey #peterparker #peter #petey #stephenstrange #mrdoctor #doctorstrange #benedictcumberbatch #robertdowneyjr #tomholland #openrp #ironstrangerp #rdj #ironstrangefannart #ironstrangefanart #ironstrangeheadcanon #headcanon
T: *sees the famous fox sitting on the ground* *gets curious* hey- . S: i bite, don’t start. *threatens him but doesn’t mean it* . T: *isn’t afraid and sits next to him* are you that famous nine-tailed cat that people are talking about? . S: i am not a cat! I. Am. A fox. and yes. yet they’re afraid of me too. . T: have you got any friends? . S: alone is what i have. Alone protects me. . T: *feels sorry but doesn’t show it* I can be your friend. *smiles* If you don’t mind. . S: *glances at him* . T: i wouldn’t even mind getting bit by you tho. You’re cute. I don’t think your teeth are strong enough to tear my skin.*challenges him* . S: you have no idea. . T: No, seriously. I can take it. Besides, They have vaccines for rabid virus now. . S: *gets offended* are you implying that i’m rabid ? . T: Nope but y’know.. just in case. *teases him* . S: I HAVE BEEN VACCINATED! . T: ohhh *laughs* chill. I was joking. I don’t understand why people are afraid of you. I mean look at these ears. *touches one of them* . S: *shivers and blushes, looking at tony* . T: they make you look cute. . S: oh, SHUT UP IM NOT CUTE. *hisses aggressively* . T: (fuck, i’m scared.) *accidentally takes his hands away* I’m not afraid,tho *grins* you’re still cute. Can i keep you? *pats his head* . S: DONT TOUCH ME. I’M NOT A PET. . T: or what? Are you gonna eat me now? *laughs softly* . S: no offense but you’re sweating and i’m on a diet. *sighs* . T: oh, that’s unfortunate. *stands up* . S: how’s that so? Wait, Where are you going? *doesn’t wanna be left alone* . T: oh, don’t mind me. i’m going to the McDonalds. . S: can i come with you too? . T: how about your diet then? 😏 . S: *stands up* fuck diet. I’m starving. . T: now that’s a good boy! *pats pats* . S: I AM NOT A PET!! . Cred: help me find them via dm/comment 💕 #drstrange #tonystark #ironman #ironstrange #ironstrangeedit #marvel #sherlock #sherlockholmes #gay #spiderman #spidey #peterparker #peter #petey #stephenstrange #mrdoctor #doctorstrange #benedictcumberbatch #robertdowneyjr #tomholland #openrp #ironstrangerp #rdj #ironstrangefannart #ironstrangefanart #ironstrangeheadcanon #headcanon (requested)
T: guys, i think i need to use the bathroom. Where is it, wong..? . W: there’s a problem with our shared toilet but there’s one more. it’s in strange’s room. go upstairs and turn left. His room is on the right next to the axe of angarruumus. . T: excuse me, whose axe?? . W: it doesn’t matter, stark. You won’t understand if i explain it to you either. . T: hold on a minute.. did you just underestimate my brain? *points at wong* . W: No, but i think you said you weren’t interested in artifacts a minute ago&Do you need the toilet or not? . T: ..yes.🙄 . W: then follow my directions&if you see an axe then the magical room you’re looking for is next to it. Stephen’s there. I think he’s asleep but don’t wake him up, he’s still drunk. . T: you guys get drunk too?? . W: i don’t. . Thor: we went out last night. I challenged him and of course you know who the winner was. *laughs* . T: *scoffs* what a weak wizard. *goes upstairs and whistles* . W: don’t do it here. . T: breathing? . W: being noisy. . T: *sighs and keeps on whistling* *finally finds the axe* oh, this must be it. *opens the door next to it* that’s the toilet- *sees stephen* . T, internally: god, he’s hot when his hair’s messy like that. *stares at his face closely* he’s flawless.. and his hair.. i think he wouldnt be awake if i.. *touches his hair* . S: *opens his eyes* . T:*gasps* (jesus. he’s alive. oh, god tony wtf did you just do!?) *takes his hands away fast* . S: *grabs it faster* *stares into tony’s eyes* . T: (i’m dead.) T: *blushes*i’m sorry there was a bug on- . S: *pulls him close&presses his lips onto tony’s and bites the lower one softly* . T: *pulls away* did you just- . S: oh, i’ve been dreaming about this. *presses him hard to the wall before going back to kissing him roughly* . T: *enjoys the kiss but needs to go to the toilet.* wizard i need- *gets interrupted by the kiss* the toilet- Wizard. Now. . Levi: *gets away and turns around* . S: good idea.😏 . T: i mean- . S: *drags him to the toilet* . *40 mins later* . W: i told you not to wake him up. U’r lucky u’re still alive now. . T: .. *nods* . W: wait is that hickey?? . T: (holy shit) . Cred: help me find them via dm/comment 💕 (requested)
P: oh, god. Mr stark and dr strange are going to land their lips on each other’s omgomgomg ned has to see this. . T: do you seriously have to record everything, young man? . S: wait, is he recording us again tony?? . T: it seems so. . P: me? N-no. I’m just taking some selfies, dads! Don’t mind me. . T: then why does it say record on your screen, peter? Do you really think i’m blind or dumb? . P: it’s just a vlog, m-mr stark. . S: did you just change your mind in less than minute, little one? You're strong? Us, the generous? Us. But We never taught you to lie. That's why you're so bad at it. . P: oh, come on, doc.. little one?? i’m 18 now.. . T: and i still don’t see why you should record us in our private time. Get the hell out of here and leave us alone, peter. . P: okay... *tries to record them again through the window for evidence to convince ned they’re dating* . S: *knows it and snaps his fingers* *the lamp is off* . P: No. guys!?? you’ve gotta be kidding me.. . Credit: starkspareparts #Drstrange #tonystark #ironman #ironstrange #ironstrangeedit #marvel #sherlock #sherlockholmes #gay #spiderman #spidey #peterparker #peter #petey #stephenstrange #mrdoctor #doctorstrange #benedictcumberbatch #robertdowneyjr #tomholland #openrp #ironstrangerp #rdj #ironstrangefannart #ironstrangefanart #ironstrangeheadcanon #headcanon
P: Hey, cap! Wanna take a pic? *grabs his phone and opens the camera* . R: sure, pete! *does a peace sign* . P: *sees mr stark pass by* hey, mr stark! Do a peace sign! . T: *does as peter says without giving a damn about what they two were doing* . P: *posts it to instagram* . S: TONY WHY WERE YOU AT THE BEACH WITH YOUR EX BITCH!? . T: my ex bitch? . S: agent ross told me he saw ur pic on ig this afternoon. Stop acting like you know nothing, hoe. . T: *gets reminded of what peter was doing with steve earlier* oh.. we weren’t alone, stephen. Everybody else was there, including cap’s bitch, bucky. The only person who didn’t show up was yo- wait,WHO TF IS AGENT ROSS!? So you refused to go there because you wanted to see him this afternoon!? I’ve never heard of him!? Who the f*ck is he!? Your super secret bitch!? . S: he’s an old friend of mine tony.. we were bestfriends back then. . T: wait, ‘you’ had bestfriends ? . S: No... i only had one. We helped each other when we were doing our medical internship. He became a soldier doctor, i became what i was and i’d never met him ever since until this afternoon. . T: ...oh. . S: yeah.. we even shared our room.. . T: OH REALLY!?? DID YOU SHARE YOUR BED TOO!???? *gets super jealous* . S: s-sometimes.. . T: SO ARE YOU SAYING THAT YOU JUST MET YOUR EX BITCH THIS AFTERNOON!? . P: *sees them fighting, takes a pic of them two, and posts it to ig* *Steve likes the pic* . S: ex!? *sighs* i was gay, he wasn’t. End of story. . T: Was hi bi then!? . S: *sighs* tony you’re a drama queen.. He had a girlfriend.. You don’t need to worry about him at all.. he’s even back to Afghanistan now. . T: and you can draw portals. . S: *gives his sling ring to tony* here.. you can keep it if you want. *smiles* . T: are you sure? . S: tony, my heart is fully&completely yours now. *smiles* do you want to keep my phone too? . T: *blushes* your heart is enough. . S: *smiles* . T: and your sling ring too. . S: *chuckles and finds it cute when tony gets over protective* sure, baby. . Credit: reikiwie #Drstrange #tonystark #ironman #ironstrange #marvel #sherlock #sherlockholmes #gay #spiderman #peterparker #peter Somebody asked me2add ag ross😂✌️
S: tony.. . T: is everything okay?? Is everyone safe now?? Is it over?? What’s happening to me?? Am i dying?? Am i dreaming?? Why can you see me and people can’t?? . S:some people turned into dust & yes.. you’re dying.. thanos didn’t keep his words. I gave him the stone but he still tried to kill you anyway luckily i could still save you. I’m in my astral body now.. . T: son of a bitch. Wait, some people?? Did you!? How about peter??? Stephen please tell me you didn’t and he’s alright. please. . S: No, i didn’t. And no, he’s not.. *doesn’t have the heart to tell tony the truth* . T: what do you mean he’s not? . S: how could he be okay when his favorite mentor is dying? He’s looking after my body and crying outside. . T: thank god both of you r alive. . S: but tony you’re dying.. . T: it’s okay.. at least i’d die protecting the things that i can’t live without.. that’s him and you.. *skips so many beats after saying ‘you’* . S: *blushes&gets reminded of wong’s advice* ("If you love someone, you say it, right then, out loud. Otherwise, the moment just passes you by.") tony, i.. . T: i mean, i’d die protecting all of ‘you’. *corrects his sentence bc he’s afraid if he’s just having an unrequited love too* . S: oh.. . T: can i see peter now? . S: not now, tony.. . T: why not? . S: he’s crying.. i don’t want you to see him cry and be sad too.. . T: well at least i can see him one last time, stephen.. what if i didn’t make it? . S: you will. *smiles* . T: i will? How’d you know? . S: before i gave up the stone, i’ve seen the possible outcomes, remember? This one is the best. you’ll figure something out to defeat thanos when you wake up. . T: will you help me? . S: tony, i’ve helped you. . T: what do you mean? . S: come with me.*grabs tony’s hand and flies to the night sky* . T: this is amazing, stephen.. Why are we here..? . S: there's something I should say,I've meant to say always and I never have. . T: what is it...? . S: i always wanted to see the stars this close with someone i love the most.. And i’m doing it now. . T: I know..*smiles* . S: you do?? . T: it’s all “written in the stars..” *collides his lips and feelings with stephen among the stars then hugs him.*
P: *picks up the phone* . T: Hi, peter. It’s me, tony. Your dad is going to pick you up from school. See ya . P: *sees cap with an ice cream* Ok. . R: let’s go, son. *smiles at peter* . S: *gets out of the portal and hears steve calls his son ‘son’* excuse me, are you lost? . R: *gets angry* no, i’m not. Tony emailed me to pick my son from school. I bet, he hasn’t moved on from me after all huh? He even called me darling. He’s become more romantic since we spoke the last time. *smirks at stephen* . S: *gets mad* are you sleepwalking now rogers!? Of course tony has moved on from you! He doesn’t even use emails anymore if you didn’t know. It’s probably happy or friday or his other kinds of assistants emailing you earlier AND THE ONLY PERSON HE CALLS DARLING IS ME! So it must have been for me. He became romantic because i taught him to be. . R: why are you so sure about that potter ? . S: *inhales to calm his ass* *calls tony* . T: *picks it up in the middle of a meeting* what’s so important wizard!? . S: Why’s steve here!? . T: do you think i could read his mind? How should i know!? . S: he told me you emailed him earlier, you HOE! . T: i what!???? No, i didn’t e- oh shit. . S: what!? . T: Damn it, Thor! . S: Thor!? you motherfucker what the fuck does it have to do with that ‘god of alcohol!?’ . T: it’s god of thunder, wizard. . S: i don’t care! What did you do this time, tony!?! . T: i was busy. He wasn’t. My laptop was with him. I asked him a favor. Long story. god. He had one job. Just get your magical ass home with peter. I’ll explain later, wizard. . S: *exhales deeply* K *hangs up* . R: i told ya. . S: *scoffs* ha! It wasn’t him! I told ya! . R: what!? . S: it was thor. Now, adios captain cheater with your girly pink ice cream. *gets peter into the open portal* . R: DAMN IT THOR YOU SON OF A BITCH! *throws the ice cream to the ground and steps on it* . S: it’s ‘son of odin’ ,asshole. *closes the portal* . R: i don’t care! *shouts to the air* . Credit: yusunaby . #Drstrange #tonystark #ironman #ironstrange #marvel #sherlock #gay #spiderman #peterparker #stephenstrange #doctorstrange #benedictcumberbatch #robertdowneyjr #tomholland
R: *walks toward tony when stephen is grabbing some drinks for tony and himself.* SERIOUSLY TONY!? HOW CAN YOU BE WITH HIM!? IS HE YOUR BEST REPLACEMENT FOR ME!?? . T: so far yes. . S: HOW !? . T: because he would never do what you did to me. . R: You’d better leave him, or find another man.. or hobby.. there are other things that can give your life meaning. . T: like what? Like you ? . R: ...and this is the part where you apologise. . T: bitch, did you apologize when you f*cked that winter soldier’s ass!? . S: *overhears them and comes to them* ...This is the part where you leave, douchebag. . R: for real, tony!??!? *sighs* HE CANT EVEN SAY “PENGUINS” LIKE A NORMAL PERSON!! . S: HEY! WATCH YOUR MOUTH! OF COURSE I CAN!! . T: it doesn’t matter steve. Please leave us alone. . R: *ignores tony and challenges stephen in front of tony* THEN SAY IT! . S: *sweats a lot* Peng... Peng... P- . T: *walks to stephen and kisses his cheek in front of steve* Even if he couldn’t say any words, i’d still love him with all my heart, steve.. . S: *blushes* oh, tony... *rubs his cheek, smiling* . R: i think i’m gonna be sick. 🤢 . S: Go f*ck yourself, douchebag. . T: *kisses stephen’s lips in front of steve to make him jealous* . S: *knows it, and kisses him back happily* . . R: *gets mad af and finally leaves* . Credit: TheDanielHd . #Drstrange #tonystark #ironman #ironstrange #ironstrangeedit #marvel #sherlock #sherlockholmes #gay #spiderman #spidey #peterparker #peter #petey #stephenstrange #mrdoctor #doctorstrange #benedictcumberbatch #robertdowneyjr #tomholland #openrp #ironstrangerp #rdj #ironstrangefannart #ironstrangefanart #ironstrangeheadcanon #headcanon
P: Hey, mr stark, would mind if i umm.. *scratches his head* . T: did someone eat your tongue or something? . P: *grins* i forgot to bring my phone, mr stark. Would you mind if i use yours? . T: *exhales deeply* do you wanna make an insta story again? . P: no, i wanna let aunt may know i’m here with you. . T: here. *hands his phone* don’t open the gallery. . P: i won’t. I promise. *grabs the phone* *tries to open the gallery after texting may* *gets an incoming call* (Stephen 💞💝💕) Hey, mr stark! Your boyfriend is calling you! . T: *reaches the phone* Shut up, peter. STEPHEN IS NOT MY BOYFRIEND! . P: *frowns* but why did you put love emojis after his name? . T: *forgot about that and blushes* that.. is because we’re friends. *the phone call was missed* shit. . P: but i don’t use those emojis for ned.. . T: my phone was hacked. . P: but you said- *stephen calls tony again* . T: my tongue is uncontrollable sometimes. I need to pick this up, peter. Excuse me. . P: okay.. . *turns around and walks away before answering the phone* . S: *closes the small portal that he opened to see why tony didn’t pick up his phone* Hello, sexy. . T: *blushes, blinks a couple of times, and smiles* Hello, handsome. What’s up? . S: nothing, sweetheart. I just wanted to hear your voice.. . T: oh, wizard... peter was using my phone and he sa- . S: sssshhhhh i knew. . T: you did? . S: i couldn’t agree more tho. . T: about what? . S: your tongue? . T: My tongue? What about it? *smirks* . S: that it’s uncontrollable sometimes... *smirks over the phone* especially when i don’t have my trousers on. *giggles* . T: *chuckles* do you want it again tonight....? . S: Hell yeah, darling. . T: see you tonight then, Doctor. . S: See you, my love. . T: *turns around* *gasps, seeing peter, realizing he was standing behind him with his mouth open the whole damn time* HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN STANDING THERE YOUNG MAN!? . P: w-w-why would he want your tongue t-tonight...? *stutters* . T: y-y’know.. he was a doctor. And i have some oral ulcerations on my tongue s-so.. . P: ....oh.. . T: I need to go to the bathroom. *walks straight outta the room to avoid the awkward moment as fast as possible* .....F*ck.
T: *works on making a new suit for peter’s 18th birthday* ugh. Damn it. a coffe would be perfect now. . S: *overhears it and secretly makes a cup of coffee for him* *goes to tony’s lab after making it* “Tony..” . T: not now, wizard. . S: *starts singing, trying to tease him* “what’s going on in that beautiful mind...?” . T: “SHUT UP!!” . S: *laughs softly* okay, sorry. I just wanted to give you this cup of coffee i made. . T: oh.. s-sure. *blushes and reaches out for it without turning around* . S: *hands it to him, smiling* . T: *sips it* thank’s, wizard.. . S: no problem, love.. . T: *smiles at him and goes back to focusing on his tech* . S: but seriously tho. Do you know whose song that is?? *keeps distracting him* . T: Is it so important to you stephen!? What the hell do you think this is? HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL FILM? . S: *laughs* oh come on.. did you figure it out? . T:... . S: Come on.. play the game. Can you beat me? Clever enough? What’s the point of being clever if you can’t prove it? . T: of course i can! I know the singer of the song!! *gets triggered* . S: you do....? *raises his brow and crosses his arms* . T: yeah, it’s a man. . S: i want a name. . T: for what!? You know him! Everybody does! . S: give me... a name. . T: it’s john! . S: and his last name is...? . T: ... T: umm.. Watson...? . S: baby who tf is that??😂 . T: idk. It kinda sounds familiar to me. . S: Now that you mentioned it i think it does sound familiar to me too. i can’t actually remember whose name that is... 🤔 . T: it’s the name of the guy we saved in wakanda. . S: oh right but seriously tony? *chuckles* the singer is famous enough. U even paid him to sing on our wedding day.You cant remember his name? . T: i know it! I’m just not good with names.Let me think.*closes his eyes*OH! *opens them widely* . S: Mmh...? *raises his brow, not sure if he actually knows it* what is it? . T: it’s... S: it’s? . T: ITS JOHN CENNA ISNT IT!? . S: *bursts into laughter* Tony. *holds his stomach, trying to stop laughing but can’t* he is *laughs* He’s not even *laughs* . T: What!? Was i right?? I was, wasn’t i!? TELL ME DID I GET IT RIGHT?? . S: *keeps laughing until he dies of laughter*
S: stark, we need to talk. *comes outta a portal* . T: *turns around but doesn’t get surprised* then... talk..? . S: you know i saved your life. . T: *sighs* yes. So did i. You’re welcome . S: *exhales deeply* “stark, do u know what wong and i have in common?” . T: “are you both magicians?” . S: “i prefer the words sorcerer supremes actually. But okay.&we both saved your life with that magic.” . S: “then do you know what’s the difference between us?” . T: “wong doesn’t show off?” *looks over his shoulder* . S: “the answer is.. wong was invited to your wedding but i wasn’t.” . T: *sighs* fine. You can come too. Are you happy now!? Internally: y tf.. Can’t you just ask? . S:”yes, thank you very much” . T:🙄 . S: marriage is the end, i tell you. . T: i think of it as the beginning. . S: armageddon. . T: rebirth. . S: restriction. . T: structure. . S: answering to a woman. . T: being in a relationship. A life in matrimony, the possibility of a family. who wants to die alone? . S: so,u’ll settle down, start a family, and i’ll- ....die alone. . *@ the wedd* S’s speech as tony’s best man: Tony, I am a ridiculous man. Redeemed only by the warmth&constancy of ur friendship. But as I’m apparently your best friend, I can’t congratulate you on your choice of companion. Actually, now I can. Pepper, when I say you deserve this man, it’s the highest compliment of which I’m capable. . *pepper and tony smile at each other* *s tells the world about tony's stupid actions afterward to make people laugh especially the beautiful bride&he did it* . T: *sighs* i knew this was a terrible idea. . S: *later at night* I’ve never made a vow in my life&after tonight I never will again I’m certain. Here in front of y’all my first&last vow. Tony&pep. Whatever it takes, whatever happens from now on I swear I will always be there. Always. Anyway, it’s time for dancing. I’ll play a song i made if that’s okay.. . S:*smiles,plays the violin&sees them dance w/ a fake smile* *puts his cloak on&goes back to his sanctum with a broken heart afterwards.* . Credit: Hallpen . #Drstrange #tonystark #ironman #ironstrange #ironstrangeedit #marvel #sherlock #sherlockholmes Wait that escalated quickly im srry😶😂
*after winning the fight against thanos in a4) T: *saved everyone from the soul stone by winning the second fight against thanos and passed out.* . S: *saw him unconscious on the ground* Oh, god. Tony. *he closed the wound , stopped the bleeding with his magic, created a portal and carried him home with it* *he wanted to use more power to make him heal faster but he couldn’t due to what happened in the soul stone* *fell asleep next to tony after putting him down on his bed and bandaging his wounds carefully* . *a couple of hours later* . T: *opens his eyes* it hurts.. GOD DAMN IT. *he looks to the man sleeping next to him* I’m glad you’re here now. *exhales and inhales* *ends ip staring at stephen’s beautiful sleeping face for awhile* . . T,internally: This wizard.. he’s so beautiful. He saved me a year ago. I owed him my life and paid it. I don’t like having a debt. Especially when it’s someone’s life. *has the urge to touch his face but doesn’t* I don’t understand why i’ve been thinking about him all the time since i knew him. Especially after i told him everything about steve. He didn’t judge me. He understands.. . T: ...i feel so safe when you’re around, stephen.. *doesn’t realize that he’s already caressing stephen’s cheek with his palm and his words aren’t in his mind anymore* I think i’m in love again. . S: *hears everything tony says and opens his eyes after the last sentence, looking right into tony’s eyes* . T, internally: fuck, He’s awake. *freezes and slowly takes his hand away* . S: *grabs his hand and smiles* Hi... . T, internally: aaaaaaaaa, AAAAAA, aaaa STOOOPPP. *his heart’s racing* . T: H-hi... . S: thank you, tony.. . T: oh.. no problem, wizard. I owed you. . S: no... i mean.. for having the mutual feelings. . T: *widens his eyes and blushes* . S: *comes closer and kisses his forehead* ...I love you more. . Credit: Td269 . #Drstrange #tonystark #ironman #ironstrange #ironstrangeedit #marvel #sherlock #sherlockholmes #gay #spiderman #spidey #peterparker #peter #petey #stephenstrange #mrdoctor #doctorstrange #benedictcumberbatch #robertdowneyjr #tomholland #openrp #ironstrangerp #rdj #ironstrangefannart #ironstrangeheadcanon
Pic 1: *gets into his bed and surprised on their anniv day* T: did you decorate this room alone? It’s beautiful stephen, thank’s.. *smiles* i can’t believe it’s been 3 years now. *smiles* we’ve defeated any kinds of bastards. Just The 3 of us against the world. peter even goes to Harvard now. He did it. I’m so proud of him. Us. We’re perfect.. . S: no problem, darling. *smiles back* Agree.. time flies when we’re together.. *kisses tony’s forehead* i’m proud of him and us too.. you two mean the world to me.. Happy 2nd anniversary, tony. . Pic 2: T: *grabs stephen’s front cloak* you’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me.. *tiptoes to reach stephen’s lips with his* . S: ...and so are you. *smiles* T: *slowly takes the faithful cloak off of stephen’s shoulders and breathes an inch away in front of his lips* . S: *gets turned on and leans forward to land his lips on tony’s* . T: *presses his lips against stephen’s* . Friday: sir, Harvard has just been blown up. . T: *pulls away and both of them get shocked they really can’t believe it’s real. Tony checks harvard with his tech from his house. It’s true. It’s completely blown up. He turns on the tv and Peter’s in the passed away list. Tony falls on his knees and bursts into tears. Stephen hugs him tight as he’s holding back his own tears too* . T: *sobs* god, i can’t take this. do something, stephen.. *groans* Let’s go there and Bring him back.. . S: wait, *sniffles* i can’t just bring someone back to life tony.. there’s always a consequence in doing that that. *sobs* Just wait and let me check it out first.. . *swipe right for the continuation* . Credit: Pic 1 : infinitywarrrs Pic 2 : numinoceur Pic 3 : watersky34 #Drstrange #tonystark #ironman #ironstrange #ironstrangeedit #marvel #sherlock #sherlockholmes #gay #spiderman #spidey #peterparker #peter #petey #stephenstrange #mrdoctor #doctorstrange #benedictcumberbatch #robertdowneyjr #tomholland #openrp #ironstrangerp #rdj #ironstrangefannart #ironstrangefanart #ironstrangeheadcanon #headcanon
T: *texts stephen* wizard, i found “one” with a different flavor! . S: *glances at peter who’s doing his biology hw when tony’s name pops out on his screen* *reads it* *doesn’t reply* . T: *texts stephen again* wizard!? Did you leave my msg on read!!!!? Are you there!? Who are you with!? Are you alright!?! Please don’t turn into dust again.. *inserts a sad emoji* . S: i’m with the kid. Helping him do his homework. thanos is dead, stark. I wouldn’t turn into anything anymore. . T: good. *ignores about ‘the kid’ part because he thought stephen was talking about one of his magical students* Then you should know that i also found one that can glow in the dark!! *gets left on read again* you motherfucker. *calls stephen* . S: *rejects the calls for the 20th time* . P: maybe you need to pick that up, dr strange. *gets distracted by its beyonce ringtone and its vibrate when it’s silenced.* you know him.. he’s not gonna stop.. . S: *sighs and listens to peter* i really need some silence to concentrate, stark! *shouts on the phone* . P: *clears his throat* dr. Strange, we’re in the library.. . S: sorry. *glances at peter* i can’t be loud here, stark. . T: why don’t you come here so that you can be as loud as you were last night then? 😏 We can try my new discovery. . S: it’s nothing new, stark. 🙄 they found it 3 years ago. Where the hell have you been? In a cave? . T: at my lab, actually. But seriously why didn’t you tell me!?. . S: why would i tell it to you, stark? I knew you would try those shits. I don’t like any of those flavors in my mouth or feeling like i’m getting stabbed by that star war’s glowing sword every night. . T: but wizard, it’s gonna be so much fun. . P: *gets distracted* are you guys talking about star wars..? . S: *covers his phone with his hand* n-no we are talking about.. i mean, yes. We were talking about it But not anymore. . P: oh okay.. . S: stop talking about this if you still want to talk to me. I’m gonna put you on speaker. . T: you’ve gotta be kidding me!? . S: “behave, stark. U’re on speaker rn” . T: “or what!? You’re going to SPANK me!?” . S: ... . P: ... . T: wait, who else is with you again? . P: hi, mr stark.. . T: *hangs up*
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