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Oh my goodness. For real. ⚡️👊
Well, who knew I’d have so much fun coloring?!? 🤓 #adultcoloring #coloringmeditation #inbedsick
Sunday morning rainbow. On the way to do the grocery run at @traderjoes #sundayroutine
☔️ ⚡️ grounded 🙁 #orlandoeye
The 3 yr-old MacBook needed to get sent to a repair shop 🙁 and I came (this) close to dropping a couple of Ks to get the new one with the touch bar. 😱 . But sanity prevailed. And I decided to just get a new pencil and keyboard to make the iPad more usable while waiting for the fixed one. . Feeling good about my ability to resist temptation 😇 #nonewmacforyou
We all have that voice in our heads that's overly critical and is always pushing us by employing guilt trips and harsh language and such. Nancy Jane Smith, in her book "The Happier Approach" calls this voice the Monger. . We all have the Monger, except that for some of us, it talks louder than for others… Oy vey! Mine’s definitely loud. . This week on the #SBPodcast , I explore the Monger with Nancy, plus the two other voices in our heads (who knew we had all these voices 🤓 ) and how to tune in to our biggest fan. . 🎧 Find Episode 55 on Apple Podcasts or Google Play. Or head over to my profile for all the links! . #innercritic #breakfree @nancyjane_livehappier
Friday #goodlist | finding a book that answers your question, finding the other earring, finding a vacuum cleaner that actually makes you want to vacuum 🤓 #fridayvibe
External measures of success can sometimes hide how we really feel about our work or career. . 💥 This week on the Second Breaks Podcast: Former litigator, Yana Banzen, shares how she transformed her career and life by tapping into her inner wisdom and listening to what her body had been telling her. 🤸‍♀️ @banzenyoga . . 🎧 Find Episode 54 on iTunes, Google Play ... or check out link in bio
The Friday #goodlist | a webinar delivered, the 53rd episode published, an online coffee date to keep in touch, the technology that allows all these things to happen 🧡💜🧡 #fridayvibes
The Second Breaks Podcast is celebrating its first birthday 🎉 🥂💃 . In this latest episode, I'm sharing my key takeaways from a year of podcasting as well as thoughts about the future of the podcast. . Thanking a bunch of people who very kindly joined me on the show early on, before I had any audience, before I even knew what I was doing and my voice shook all the time. @a_creative_life @jacquettemtimmons @timdebellis , @lisawood @aletheafitz @thenicolekaron @flourish_on @adriannemachina THANK YOU guys 🧡💜🧡 . 🎧 Find Episode 53 on Apple Podcasts, Google Play, or head on over to secondbreaks.com/podcasts
Can you see the mess behind the flowers?! 🤓 . As you can see, the orange obsession extends beyond the website. 🧡💜🧡 #whereiwork #workfromhomeperks #everythingorange
Working on the finishing touches on this week’s episode, which I’m so excited to release. . The podcast is one year old! 🎉 Can you believe it? I can’t! 🤣 . It took me *just* 2 years and a half to gain the courage and overcome all the gremlin voices in my head. And now, I’m getting ready to publish for the 53rd week! . One of my key takeaways that I’m sharing in this week’s episode is: You CAN move forward even if your scared sh*t. 😇💪 . #podcasting #imapodcaster
Making a career change is rarely ever that smooth ride that we dream of and plan in our heads. But who wants that anyway? 🤓 . Dave Pidgeon (@pidgeonseyeview ) shared his ongoing career change story with me, on the latest #SBPodcast episode. #therealthing . 🎧 Check out Episode 52 on Apple Podcasts, Google Play, or head on over to secondbreaks.com/podcasts.
Someone gifted me this adult coloring book and a set of coloring pencils a couple of years ago… which (gasp) I promptly put away. I found myself digging them up the other day and trying my hand at it. Goodness, when was the last time I played with a coloring book?! . I’m finding it quite calming… a sort of meditative practice. My brain could never quiet down sitting in a lotus pose 🤓 But while coloring, it somehow does! . My creative instigator, @a_creative_life , tells me engaging our hands with creative activities taps a different part of the brain. 🧡 . Funny, even with this purely play thing, there’s a struggle to “make sure to do the right thing”. “Pick the right color”, the brain instructs. There is no right color, Lou. . #tryingnewthings #meditationpractice #breakfree
Oh, count me in with the crazy bunch. How about you? (also, I miss Nora Ephron) #crazyones
The Friday #goodlist | The end of the storm, the sun coming out after a week of rain, actual tweeting overheard outside the window, friends who reach out.
Hangin’ out this week on the #SBPodcast with @pidgeonseyeview and taking a behind-the-scenes peek at a career change in progress. . We chat about the why, the when and the how 🤓. PLUS a bonus: a sneak peek on the book he’s writing. I personally can’t wait to read that story. Hurry up and finish Dave! . 🎧 Find Episode 52 on Apple Podcasts, Google Play, or head on over to secondbreaks.com/podcasts.
The Friday #goodlist | to be back doing the good list again, getting back to my life, cleaning out priorities, finishing GDPR tasks 😱 #fridayvibes 😎
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