Vasilis Lolos

Greek Mann 💍37💎 Artist, hefty European comix for grownups.Open for business,odd opinions and masterful storytelling. Send nudz to:

Was anyone other than me into #deadsy before their outfits were stolen by #mychemicalromance ?
2017 Ink on paper 120x60cm #ink #inkonpaper #blackandwhiteart
ΚόκαΚόλα-Σuperstar . #cocacolasuperstar #shinto
Ι’μ gonna smoke up and try to deal wit’ life and shieeet maaan. #pixel #dotmatrix #necropixel
Playing characters to entertain my wife three years ago. Channeling my mother’s father who thankfully died. #pencilmoustache #shirtless #leatherdaddy #creep
Running late for a very important meeting at anti-grav pier 09. #popart #fashion #cyberpunk #futuristic #powersuit #jumpsuit #portrait
Slow dancing is the best . #teenager #totaleclipseoftheheart #comix
This is perfect for me, now. No matter what they tell you or what you think you should be, whoever puts down the most lines, does not “win”. It’s not a race its art maaan. I want to tackle this subject of “whoever uses the most lines wins” thing that goes on in more “wide consumption” art. I use quotes only to separate and highlight. I dunno, be you man, some bullshit souless “fancy” drawing. It’s kinda like a crowdpleaser way to throw a “filter” over a bad idea. I also refer to and use the term “most lines” as an idiot’s device. I am not talking about detail in art. I see it cripple a lot of people and most importantly the king of my universe, me. 😬 some people like songs that are basically a 8minute scales guitar solo. And we call those people, idiots . 😂🤷‍♂️
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