Lola Kirke

NY: Brooklyn Bazaar 2/22 😈 LA: Hi Hat 3/3

Playing @bkbazaar with my full orchestra this Thursday at 10:45. Link for tix in bio.
No #hangover will ever compare to the one spent with @citygal1313 watching our pal #bernadettepeters KILL IT in @hellodollybway !!! Run, don’t walk everyone! 😘❤️😘
Tune in to #askmeanother on #NPR (that’s what the mug says but the photographer didn’t quiiiite get that...) to hear me laugh at my own jokes and wax poetic on “Family Guy” and families in general!
OMG @mitjamazon is up and running on and here’s a #meme (wait is this a meme?) of me @gaelgarciab walking in #tokyo to celebrate it! ❤️❤️❤️ #mozartinthejungle #season4
We’ve had 18 school shootings in the US since JANUARY. Swipe to learn more astonishing stats (courtesy of @vonspawn )—like how only 3% of the population own 1/2 the guns and how we used to have a ban on assault rifles. Let’s work together to end gun violence. See link in @everytown bio to donate. Graphic by @visitordesign.
With Valentines Day out the way, I think it’s okay, to come out and say come see me play (@bkbazaar on February 22nd with @mellojello91 + @hanread !) $10, 17+❤️👹❤️(📸 @youroldornewfriendrafe ) Link for tix in bio!
...right #mozartinthejungle season 4 drops in two days!
My constant valentine ❤️
A portrait of three #maestros , attempting to promote #season4 of @mitjamazon yesterday @facebook , and almost failing for laughing too hard the whole time 🤗 #mozartinthejungle drops on February 16th everyone!
Literally in shock that the #zit I had during the entirety of filming @geminithefilm made it onto the super cool poster but I guess we can’t have everything! #geminithefilm is out next month!!!
I think this comes out like 5 days or something @mitjamazon @gaelgarciab #season4 #mozartinthejungle
#Terrified to join this incredible line up on #valentinesday @musichallofwb with goddess supreme @aprilmarch.official ! All proceeds go to @plannedparenthood ❤️❤️❤️
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