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Big ol belly. This curvaceous doughnut vase is up on my webshop, alongside some other smaller things. This vase was massively influenced by my time spent wood firing in Devon earlier this year. The form allows the flame and ash to play over it much more than any flat surface. Although this one was fired in an electric kiln in my London studio, it definitely was born of the wood kiln.
New mugs up on the webshop! Link in bio. You can also sign up to my newsletter to receive news about shop updates and new stockists but I promise I don’t email much.
Unpacking a kiln. Too hot to touch but I’d rather burn my fingers than wait.
Some of these will be up on my webshop next week. If you’d like a little notification, you can sign up to my mailing list by clicking on the link in my bio. Promise I won’t be endlessly emailing you!
Long live summer nights and insane plant growth. I swear it’s a full time job watering the plants in my tiny flat.
Back when some of my pots went for a shoot at @alfiedouglasuk
I wanted the liquid to be milk but it didn’t show up against the backdrop 🥛. Both of these pieces are from the recent woodfiring in Devon. Not my normal work but I’m a wee bit in love with them.
Doughnuts in the sun
A big bowl for all your salad/fruit/popcorn needs and desires. Find it at Pictures and Light, Stoke Newington Church St, along with work by lots of other ceramicists, inc @studioranj @luciafraser and @e.f.davies.clay
Doughnut vase with flowers. This guy is currently hanging out at @77broadwaymarket along with some more of my sculptures.
Splashy faceted tea bowl. I say tea bowl, but I use mine almost exclusively for ice cream. 🍨
Mug with copper oxide. Basically, I only made a few of these and they are currently exclusive to @thebasicsstore
Little wood fired celadon cup. The base of this one is great but you’ll have to wait for another post for that one. #tease
Porcelain doughnut vase.
Wood fired weirdo.
The base of a small soda-wood fired cylinder. The bases of these pots, with the scars from the wadding, are so beautiful.
Doughnuts. Soda fired in a woodfiring kiln over 3 days. These guys didn’t get all that much soda action but I’m really into them. The smaller one is glazed with a shino and the larger one with a white glaze. The reduction made the clay far redder than I expected. I’m still getting used to seeing my work like this, instead of my usual cleaner style. I think it will take a while for me to work out fully how I feel about them but I’m enjoying them for the time being.
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