Mitchell Mollicone

~ 🇺🇸SCHS Sophomore🇺🇸 ~ 🎓class of '20🎓 ~ 🎺SCHS Trumpet🎺 ~ EP coming soon🔥

Happy to say I purchased my first car today! I got a 2017 Ford Fusion! Can’t thank my parents enough for helping me every step of the way!
Happy March 4th!
Had a great time today in Dallas meeting 3 of my favorite drum corp drum majors! I learned a lot and i can’t wait to put my new knowledge to use! @silent.command @samuelalexandercrawford @nevernetworking @kendall123stevenson
Finally got some new nmds😤
Hands down this is Lil Pump’s best song ever
Could it be🤔
Was going to post this yesterday but happy birthday Alex! The 2 years we’ve been friends have been pretty litty🔥👌🏻😂
Couldn’t ask for a better top 9.
Happy Hollidays from the boys❄️
Just officially got invited to the Crossmen callback camp! Time to get a contract!
Crossmen camp is in a few hours! Put me in coach, I’m ready to play😤🎺
No Ls here 😤
🅱️Arolina 🅱️rown feat. Adam Niles
Just registered for my audition at @crossmendci ! Can’t wait!
Oh wow I didn't even notice😂Halfway to 1K😤
Can't tell if he's proud of me or not😂
When you get 3rd
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