Simasiku Lifuna Simataa Snapchat: fresh_lee20 Muscle and Fitness Brand Ambassador

Look at what Friday dragged out. #flexfriday ______________________________ This picture was near damn perfect, but the hur(hair) wasn’t ready...
I remember a time when this couldn’t even move from the ground, now- easy money. ______________________________________________ P.S. I wanted drop and #Dab at the end. But I’m not a gym douche.
Me: Damn I’m getting swole af. So proud of myself 👏🏾👏🏾. ______________________________________________ Also Me: what tf you talking about bruh? This is not what Hulk looks like. You’re a disgrace. Can’t even be considered for any @marvel role. #teamnocalves ______________________________________________ Point being; this muscle and fitness life becomes an addiction. I swear you can never have enough once you start seeing results. And that’s an addiction I have accepted. It makes me better. What is your addiction? 👇🏾
I promise you, my ancestors heard me swear under my breath. This is ONE of the circuts i did today. 5 rounds of that should humble you. #HIIT #ignoremycalves #waitwhatcalves ? #menshealth
Addicted to progress, even the slow one. I’m definitely getting #wheysted after this. #flexfriday
I came, I conquered! More life, More gainz!
Look good, feel even better. #milkandhoney #condensedmilk 😆
🚴🏾‍♂️. No matter how #unhealthy you are, a little bit of #cardio is better than none. We all want to live longer, yet we neglect what our bodies were made for, movement. We’re outchea posting unhealthy food, drinks and everything that makes us old, and that’s fine. But balance is key fam. Also, water and cardio is the recipe for the glow up. #morelife #uncensored #truth
All kinds of gainz! What a leg🍗finisher.
Ran into Our very own, Namibian fitness YouTuber, @mikediamonds23 , great lad he is!
Runners will run out of your life, riders on the other hand...😉 #morelife
Taking forever to look like Hulk...😔 #morelife
When you get that, “you’ve been quiet” text...
More Life! Ready for 2018.
Should’ve been a #flexfriday 💪🏾
Island tings🌴
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