LFT Performance Nutrition

Full seminar by IPF Hall of Fame Member and numerous IPF World Record holder David Ricks. • This seminar consists of lecture and training instruction by David. • This will sell out! Link in bio. @ricks.david @mlgary72
457 for LFT athlete Samantha Calhoun, @sculptedcreations • She’s 2-weeks out from the @arnoldsports #LFT #ClangAndBang #SamStrong
The LFT Patriot Tee. #LFT #LFTlifestyle
The PWR LFT premium tank available in 3 colorways. Link in bio. #LFT
The Women’s Flex Tee 💪🏻 Link in bio. #LFT
💪🏻 LFT 💪🏻 • The international symbol of fitness — the flexed bicep 😊
Available in multiple colors, designs, and lengths. Link in bio. #LFT
What’s your favorite weightlifting shoe? Our favorite article in selecting the shoe with the ideal heel height is from Barbend. Link in bio.
👈👈 The Barbell Club tee now available in the American Apparel Women’s fit premium tee. Link in bio. #LFT @lftbig
👈👈 The Women’s Weightlifting Tee. Premium fabrics. Best price. • Shop Smart. Shop #LFT . • Link in bio.
New women's tees dropping weekly! • The new Women's Patriot Tee, pocket print, is printed on premium American Apparel tri-blend fabrics. This is an incredibly soft women's t-shirt with a feminine cut that boasts a sligthly low-rounded neckline. • These tees retain shape and elasticity while providing comfort and durability. • Link in bio.
The Fitness Stack. Link in bio. Shop Smart. Shop #LFT .
The Patriot Collection 🇺🇸. Premium apparel at unbeatable prices. LFT-Club.com
Fully-dosed BCAA powder provides 8-grams BCAA in the clinically-studied 2:1:1 ratio. • Shop Smart. Shop #LFT . Link in bio.
The Patriot Tee. Printed on premium American Apparel 50/50 blend tee at an unbeatable price — $9. — Link in bio. Shop Smart. Shop #LFT .
The Patriot Lifestyle Collection 🇺🇸. Link in bio. #LFT
Check out the latest King of the Lifts YouTube interview featuring LFT athlete Samantha Calhoun. Link in bio. @sculptedcreations
The Barbell Club 3/4 Raglan Tee only $8. • Premium Apparel at Affordable Prices. Link in bio. #LFT
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