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πŸ”΄ CAPTION CONTEST πŸ”΄ . Comment your creative captions! Winners will get a shoutout! Yes, there could be more than one winner... πŸ‘€ . DEADLINE is after the Liverpool vs West Ham game. Any more submissions after the game has ended will be rejected. . Good luck and have fun! . Partners: @anfieldred_ @liverpoolfc__fp @ynwa._.squad @l.f.c_fans
Salah: β€œI came here (to Liverpool) to win titles. I can tell the fans we work 100% to try and win something for the club. It's a long time since the club won the league. It's my dream to win the Premier League - but I want to do it with this club.” . Partners: @anfieldred_ @liverpoolfc__fp @ynwa._.squad @l.f.c_fans
The Fab Four training at Melwood ahead of the game with West Ham. πŸ”΄ . Partners: @anfieldred_ @liverpoolfc__fp @ynwa._.squad @l.f.c_fans
Roberto Firmino has won the January Standard Charted Player of the Month award! πŸ”΄ . Partners: @anfieldred_ @liverpoolfc__fp @ynwa._.squad @l.f.c_fans
Next season's leaked kits... Thoughts? πŸ€” . Partners: @anfieldred_ @liverpoolfc__fp @ynwa._.squad @l.f.c_fans
Totti on Salah: β€œThe level he is playing at, at the moment, he is one of the best players in the world - and I think he can and will get even better.” . β€œI know him well. He is a good friend and wants to keep improving, to keep getting better as a player.” . β€œHe does all the right things, he trains hard, he works hard, he listens to the coaches - that's why, as good as he is playing at the moment.” . Partners: @anfieldred_ @liverpoolfc__fp @ynwa._.squad @l.f.c_fans
Sadio ManΓ©'s rocket against Porto has been shortlisted for the UCL Goal of the Week award. πŸ”΄βš½ . Partners: @anfieldred_ @liverpoolfc__fp @ynwa._.squad @l.f.c_fans
The Fab Four back at Melwood to begin their West Ham prep along with the team. πŸ”΄ . Partners: @anfieldred_ @liverpoolfc__fp @ynwa._.squad @l.f.c_fans
Following a detailed investigation into an allegation of discriminatory conduct against Liverpool's Roberto Firmino by Everton's Mason Holgate, the FA have confirmed that it will not be taking any disciplinary action against Firmino. Well that investigation took long. 😐 . Partners: @anfieldred_ @liverpoolfc__fp @ynwa._.squad @l.f.c_fans
Sadio ManΓ© becomes the 10th LFC player in the past 10 years to score a hattrick during the game with Porto. πŸ”΄ . Partners: @anfieldred_ @liverpoolfc__fp @ynwa._.squad @l.f.c_fans
Congratulations to the winners of the caption contest! @ynwa._.squad , @kopite_tv and @shaunweng01 ! I have to admit, I laughed at Shaun Weng's comment for some reason... It's just so.... silly. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ . More of these coming soon! Stay tuned! 😁 Should we do this on a weekly basis? πŸ€” . Partners: @anfieldred_ @liverpoolfc__fp @ynwa._.squad @l.f.c_fans
Klopp on ManΓ©: β€œSadio has good games. He had a really good game against Manchester City not so long ago. It's only that it was not his constant level that we are used to seeing.” . β€œYou think of Sadio ManΓ© and he is very decisive, controls the ball well, he is a threat all the time for the other team, works hard and all that stuff.” . β€œHe has worked hard. For five or six weeks he has trained at a constantly high level. That's the only way to come back into shape.” . Partners: @anfieldred_ @liverpoolfc__fp @ynwa._.squad @l.f.c_fans
Salah: β€œYou cannot score 10 goals from 10 balls - that's impossible and I know that I have missed many chanves too this season. But I am trying to improve.” . β€œI came here to win titles, to win something for the club, for us as players and for the fans. I would love to win something with Liverpool and we are all working hard every day to try to achieve that.” . Partners: @anfieldred_ @liverpoolfc__fp @ynwa._.squad @l.f.c_fans
Salah: β€œWith the boss here, I play a little bit closer to the goal, more so than at any other club or more than any of my other coaches have asked me to do.” . β€œSo I am always in front of the goal to give me the opportunity to score. The manager is always telling me to stay close to the goal in training.” . β€œI am always trying to see my weaknesses and then work them and I am always trying to score in different ways.” . Partners: @anfieldred_ @liverpoolfc__fp @ynwa._.squad @l.f.c_fans
Philippe Coutinho's house was robbed on Tuesday night as his family was out for dinner. . Source: Diario Sport . Partners: @anfieldred_ @liverpoolfc__fp @ynwa._.squad @l.f.c_fans
Just Mo Salah doing his things... πŸ”΄βš½ . @mosalah22 @liverpoolfc . Partners: @anfieldred_ @liverpoolfc__fp @ynwa._.squad @l.f.c_fans
The Fab Four (not sure where Ox is...) having their meal at the Marbella training camp. πŸ˜‹ . Partners: @anfieldred_ @liverpoolfc__fp @ynwa._.squad @l.f.c_fans
Bobby working hard at the Marbella training camp. πŸ”΄βš½ . Partners: @anfieldred_ @liverpoolfc__fp @ynwa._.squad @l.f.c_fans
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