Lea Elui

My main: @leaelui #TeamLea

I want his ears ☹️😍
My bestie
This is gonna be my spam account ;)💕
Monkey Face 🐵🇫🇷
Tag (me) @lea.eluig so I can see your post/edits and pictures 😍 Use the #TeamLea #leaelui and #confidentforlea to have more chance to be noticed! I love you babies ♥️
900k wow😍 We’re growing on this account too! Tag 3 friends and spam me so I can follow you ♥️ @leaelui
Keep smiling no matter what. We’re all beautiful just the way we are.♥️
Self confidence is all we need♥️ #confidentforlea
Triller: @leaelui 😋♥️
Can’t stay serious sorry 😭😂♥️
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