Laurens van Leeuwen

Happy birthday to my best friend, biggest support, love of my life.. you are there for me in all ups and downs. I am truly grateful. Love you @romeestrijd
Hola señorita bonita 🇪🇸
a break well spent on this beautiful island. What a view(!) @haciendanaxamena 🙏🏻
today was a good day
Woke up 5am to watch the sunrise at the most eastern point of Australia 🌅 🇦🇺
gold on the road 4/15/18
Proud uncle of beautiful Lymée Olivia ❤️
back to the rootsss, comfy in @suspiciousantwerp (partner / ad)
till next time
coffee cup bigger than my head
when they ask me, so what do you do?
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