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mama + wifey 👶🏼🐶 co-founder @summerfridays ✨ motherhood • skincare • wellness celebrate everyday moments 👇🏻

help me wish my daddio the happiest birthday 🥂 he’s the most generous man I know, and his life journey reminds us nothing is impossible 🙌🏻 he moved to america as a teenager with no money and poor english, and took unimaginable risks to build a life that has impacted more people than I’ll ever know - because he has always offered the world to others even when he had very little for himself 💙
woke up this morning to a sold out @summerfridays website 🙊 the support has been overwhelming and @marianna_hewitt and I are so grateful to each of you who purchased, reviewed, posted, shared, and used our jet lag mask. I can promise you that so much passion went into this mask, and we’re happy you love it as much as we do! @sephora (online) still has our mask in stock right now, and we’re hurrying to get more on our site as well (you can sign up for our waitlist) 🧖🏼‍♀️ AND to all of our canada and UK loves, we are working hard to make it available to you! #summerfridays #TGISF
best day ever (again) 🌴 #stpattysday
face mask and chill kind of friYAY 🛁 @summerfridays jet lag mask is a #momlife saver 🙌🏻 • hydrates, plumps + brightens • free of parabens, sulfates + synthetic dyes • cruelty free, vegan + gluten free • can be worn for 10 minutes or overnight • doesn’t need to be rinsed off • doubles as a primer under makeup • makes you feel like it’s a summer friday✨ available now at @sephora (.com) and on in the US
what a DAY 👯‍♀️ such an incredible moment to celebrate @summerfridays in our home city with our biggest cheerleaders 📣 @marianna_hewitt and I have spent nearly two years building this dream of ours, and to see it all come to LIFE today is still feeling surreal. The outpouring of love, passion, and support reminds me of how beautiful this community is, and how we ALL rise when we cheer each other on. We are so proud of this product (seriously, the jet lag mask makes us all glow ✨ and it was really born out of what YOU wanted in skincare) 🧖🏼‍♀️ so here’s to walking this journey alongside each of you, because it’s YOU who inspired us to begin... #summerfridays #tgisf
I’ve been too excited to sleep so I’m lathering on our @summerfridays jet lag mask 🧖🏼‍♀️ @marianna_hewitt and I are so happy to celebrate with everyone in LA today! YAY! #summerfridays
36 hours apart but he didn’t forget how to say ‘mammmmmma’ 👶🏼 #smartboy #evangrey
my week has been a lot busier than this photo would suggest 🛁 but I managed to order a latte and roses to the room for my first mama’s night away, and I’m still on such an adrenaline high from celebrating @summerfridays jet lag mask in nyc ✈️ next up: LA! ☀️ #summerfridays #tgisf
blushing in the big apple 🍎 #nyc
good morning from NYC ✨ prepping for tonight’s @summerfridays celebration with our jet lag mask (obvi!!) bye bye sleepy skin 💤 ps. slept a fulllll night without checking a baby monitor for the first time in 10 months 🙌🏻
off to NYC for my first trip without bèbè 👶🏼 my mama heart is struggling this morning and (more than a few) tears are dripping 😭 it’s a quick trip and I made a schedule for everyone, but I have this mama fear of him needing me (or maybe he won’t* need me and that admittedly breaks my heart too)! 💔 on the other hand, I am so proud of what I’ve built with @marianna_hewitt while also settling into new motherhood, and I just hope someday little Ev will feel proud ✨ now off to the big apple to celebrate the launch of @summerfridays ! 🍎 and mamas, anything that really helped you get through your first days away from your babes?? we are in this together... #momlife #motherhoodrising
my favorite snapshot from this weekend, right after little Ev’s baptism 🙏🏼 he clapped for himself in church and even babbled ‘god’ a few times, so I’d say he nailed it... #happybaptism
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