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BTS from our @summerfridays shoot ✨ prepped my skin with... • @drjart water drop moisturizer • @summerfridays jet lag mask as primer (I rub it in fully when used before makeup) • also wearing @rmsbeauty bronzer + @glossier cloud paint in dusk for a dewy summer look • makeup by @bytaarymoy_ #motd #tgisf
three generations tonight 👶🏼 did you know evan grey is named after my dad? the GREY is rooted in a lesson he taught me growing up. whenever i’d struggle with forgiving someone, or understanding another’s choices that were different from my own, he would remind me nothing in life is black or white. that there’s this grey area, that shapes who we are and the decisions we make. we have to be empathetic of the grey, because it’s a part of all of us. so thank you papa bear, for reminding me GREY is what makes this world of ours and the people in it shine so bright... #fathersday
oh, sweet boy, you have the greatest example of love to learn from. your daddy has a calmness about him that will so effortlessly guide you through life’s noise. best of all, he loves your mama with such openness, and you are one lucky boy to learn from him ✨ happy father’s day jake! #fathersday
me and my BFF, snuggling on the coziest saturday morning 💤 he’s learning more words now and attempts to have conversations with me... it’s mostly gibberish, but this morning he passionately added “mama,” “dirt,” “pool,” and “CHEESE” to our chit chat 🧀 in baby terms, this means he’ll be eating a cheese stick on his pool floatie today followed by a muddy run through the sprinkler 🤷🏻‍♀️💦 #momlife #babygetswhatbabywants
a perfect summer friday situation 🍊 @marianna_hewitt and I spent the morning shooting @summerfridays , and then had some of our favorite babes over for a little beachside rosé, because #friYAY !! 👯‍♀️ #TGISF
sometimes life takes us to places, to people, and to experiences we never planned for 🌊 but if we’re open enough to change our plans, the unexpected can take us to where we never dreamed of going.
don’t tell our babies we snuck out for rosé 🤫👯‍♀️ @sazan + me celebrating our founders club babe @annielawless + @lawless ‘s new clean foundation! #girlsdayout
instagram versus reality🧘🏻‍♀️ we do what we can, ya know?! 😂 check stories for mama moves I can *actually* do alongside baby 👶🏼 #momlife #yoga
last month I decided to make a more conscious effort of taking the “but” out of my thoughts... so instead of saying things like ,”i’m so excited about speaking at this event, butttt i’m so tired from #momlife , NOW I say “i’m so excited about this opportunity, and how incredible is it that my son gets to grow alongside me in this stage of life?!” 🙏🏼 it’s totally changed my mindset, my mood, and my overall outlook on my ability to take on the world each day ✨ so wherever you are in life - a new job, an old job, in between jobs, or a stay at home parent - keep that glass half full and you’ll find life is a whole lot easier to tackle 🙌🏻
my cure for a case of the mondays 👶🏼 daddy teaching Ev how to K I S S 💋 we have one problem: my son only smooches with tongue 🙈😯🤷🏻‍♀️ i’m totally blaming my husband when preschool calls someday...
sunkissed ☀️ currently loving these summertime skin favorites... • @summerfridays jet lag mask for hydration • @supergoop SPF face mist because you can also use over makeup and reapply all day • @milk cooling stick for depuffing • @rmsbeauty lip2cheek tint - it’s the only makeup I wear on beach days 🌊 anything YOU love that I should try?!
weekending ☀️ i’m pretty sure Ev thinks summertime is the best season ever, because he learned to say “pool” and “dirt” in the same day AND he pulls off an unbuttoned linen shirt like nobody’s business 🙌🏻😂 #evangrey #happyweekend
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