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I’m proud of this generation everyone’s doing great
Serious question: Does anyone have any suggestions for my friend @kaylansmithy itchy anus? Thnx
What’s ur name? #againimnancy
Shirley Nash is Goals
New episode of #helphelensmash in link in my bio! 😆😆 Who’s watching?!
This is Jack and Maggie. They’ve been my best friends since early grade school and because of that I feel it’s my duty to find new and different ways to irritate them. It’s like, we’ve been friends so long they can’t actually get rid of me, ya know? Here’s where your help comes in... Would you mind commenting on @jus_jacques last post with the 🍆 emoji? Just to upset him? And @maggiedahn .. I think she’s private - so you can go ahead and send her a DM telling her how much you love potatoes. Just so she’s really confused also. Lmao 😂Thanks guys! luv ya!! 💕
Hallelujah fam 🙏🏻 hehe @mouthbreather__
Not trying to be rude
My sister is even stranger than me if you can believe it. Like, she doesn’t have an Instagram account type of strange.
Tag ur friends who loves working out 😅💦#pamelapupkin #workout @ughitsjoe @traceybuckner @eve_sutharat
Best diet ever. 🙏🏻 God is daddy @mouthbreather__
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