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Badass! This young lady, Sasha Dorothy Lowuekuduk is the first female head keeper at the Reteti Elephant Sanctuary in Kenya. The brilliant photographer @amivitale was showing me this picture and I was struck by Dorothy’s courage in one, protecting an endangered species and two, excelling in her role in a male dominated culture. Dorothy, we salute you! #instylebadasswomen @instylemagazine on stands now. @sashaldorothy5914 🏆🐘
Monday’s #amirite (Alternate caption: No, he’s not coming back).
Liberté, Egalité, Diversité.
Tried to go #inmyfeelings but got lost.
My inaugural birthday #onlauraslap is dedicated to @naseebs , the best lady who had the best birthday in the best place. ❤️
‘Fool at Piney Lake’. @brandogeoffrey
My heart! #Coloradoing
Is nice here. #Coloradoing @naseebs
I know this is old but it’s new to me. 😂 Have a great weekend. 🦀 🏆 (RG @openlygayanimals )
Been doing that question thingy on Stories so think I’ll end on this one for today.
Yeah you bad! All the way you gonna go, girl... @serenawilliams @instylemagazine #instylebadasswomen
Get it tomorrow, legend lady. @serenawilliams #instylebadasswomen
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