Lainya Magana

CEO of A&O. I do stuff and take pictures of it.

Last night was magic! Mesmerized by the work of @vhils and huge congrats to @oti.official on the beautiful opening
Always Be Flankin’ #dungeonsanddragons #dand
First the #obama #portraits and now this, today was #lit AF
Never too soon for popsicle season #portlandkids
Just another #Portland business meeting @olympiaprovisions Thanks to @opwurst for the #sausage
The inimitable @jencloher announced to play @Pickathon with wife @courtney_barnett_ #pickathon2018
I’m stuck in bed with pneumonia but my furry bed companion and I wish you all a Happy New Year! Hopefully 2018 is a healthier one.
Merry Christmas from snowy Portland!!
Sir Versperin the Furious
Happy Holidays!!
Fire and water, water and fire. Matchy tats for me and @thelice666 thanks to @jessehazelip
Happy Thanksgiving!!
Happy Thanksgiving from our car-stuck-in-traffic to yours 🚗🍗☠️
Ha ha
Survival shelters are the new tiny house. Super on trend rn #Portland
So much dungeon crawling
Winners and losers #foosball #pickathon2018
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