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Domee Shi is the director of Bao, the short film that screens before Incredibles 2. Bao is Pixar’s first female-directed short. Which means Domee is an F.O.D.: First, Only, Different. • As Shonda Rhimes said in Year of Yes: • “I am what I have come to call an F.O.D.— a First. Only. Different. We are a very select club, but there are more of us out there than you’d think. We know one another on sight. We all have that same weary look in our eyes. The one that wishes people would stop thinking it remarkable that we can be great at what we do while black, while Asian, while a woman, while Latino, while gay, while a paraplegic, while deaf. But when you are an F.O.D., you are saddled with that burden of extra responsibility— whether you want it or not…I was not about to make a mistake now. You don’t get second chances. Not when you’re an F.O.D. Second chances are for future generations. That is what you are building when you are an F.O.D. Second chances for the ones who come behind you.” • Bao is the work of Domee Shi, F.O.D. Go see it!
Nobody ever wants to do a shoot in a pool. But if you have to, the only way to go is with a spectacular bathing cap, goggles with eyelashes, and a strong lip. Oh, and an Olympic champion. That would be @typicalpen. • Styled by @ericaonfashion for @thesocialctv in support of @specialolympics #SpecialOlympicsCanada
A #CTVUpfront Short Film: “Jess Allen’s 1st (official) Upfront”. Directed by @cynthialoyst. With a cameo voice appearance by @jannarden. Oscar worthy.
Style Inspiration for the #CTVUpfront tonight: “Lust, Caution” with a dash of “In the Mood for Love”. And....Olive Oyl. • • Styled by: @ericaonfashion and hair and makeup by @nikkistrachanmakeup @eduardomella
Tiny hands. And tinier hands.
Let me show you my favourite part of my body. @shabydassi @nikkistrachan
My ma the Squawking Chicken told me green is my lucky colour this year. Check out my green (matcha) cookies. Baked cookies from scratch for the first time ever after Annegret Henninger taught us this recipe on @thesocialctv a few weeks ago during the #royalwedding treats segment. And this was before we saw how green the wedding was - prescient baking! It has been a challenging week. Over the last year of so, I've gotten into baking because it helps me chill out. I like the precision of baking and how closely you have to adhere to the measurements, how exact the schedule has to be. It matches my personality. I love a schedule. Nothing makes me happier than an order of events. And there's something so satisfying about seeing things rise right on time. It's like an instant report card. @becelca #randomactsofbaking #partner
#tbt My favourite photo ever. By @dylanmcniven , a friend for life. It was Summer 2007. On the tube in London heading, hilariously, to Mahiki. Every time we’re in England it’s for a royal reason. And we did it again, for the third time, just last week. Let’s never get too old for this.
The diamonds in that tiara were dancing with the sunlight. #royalwedding
First assignment of the day: Windsor. Castle for a tour of the chapel. Thank you to those who helped me get here. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to work! #royalwedding #ctvroyalwedding
Giant chair optical illusion
This is such a perfect little corner.
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