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SWIPE FOR KYGO’S TOURDATES 👉🏼 Kygo will visit tons of places this summer and fall, he will bring his Kids In Love tour to Asia and Oceania as well. Sydney, Singapore and Soul to mention a few! Just check out the full list by swiping this post. . By the way, did you see Kygo’s acoustic version of ‘Permanent’ ft. J.Hart? Well, if not you have to check it out on YouTube! Got chills watching the video, would love a second collab with @jhartmusic !! Enjoy your day!! #kygomusic #kygomusic #tour #kidsinlovetour @managermyles
Kygo has finally kicked of his residency at @ushuaiaibiza and will be continuing to play there every Sunday til September 2th. 🌴🌴 His set yesterday looked fire and I’m so happy about how the visuals turned out and the palm trees made his set 100 times more tropical. I’m currently working so that’s why I’m not that active on this account. However, I will post Kygo’s tour dates very soon, because people have been asking me about that lately so I’m working on it 🔜 Have a nice week, thanks for the support #kygomusic #ushuaiaibiza #kygo
Kygo played at @cowboysmusicfestival a couple of days ago in Canada and he brought Justin Jesso with him on stage to perform Stargazing and Firestone! What a show!! He is currently in Barcelona, Spain because he will play at @cruillabarcelona at pace Del forum tomorrow! 🌴 15th July will Kygo have his first @ushuaiaibiza show of the year, I’m so excited for him to kick of his residency there for the third time! Have a nice week, talk to ya soon! 🌴 #kygomusic #kygo
🤪🤪 Kygo’s set at Stavernfestivalen last year was crazyyy! His next show will be in Canada, Holland Park, Surrey at @fvdedinthepark 6th July! I wish I could see kygo’s festival set this year but unfortunately I will not be able to, so guys. That means that you HAVE to send me videos if you go to his shows!! <33 I am actually going to a festival today here in Norway, Kygo’s friend @marshmellomusic will be there, and I’m super excited to see him live as well as @thegr8khalid ! I talk to you soon, have a great week!! What are your plans?? 🌴 #Kygo #kygomusic #festival
Hi guys ❤️ I hope you’re having an amazing summer! The festival season has officially kicked of for Kygo, he played in Odense, Denmark yesterday at @tinderbox_official ! What a show, he got so much positive feedback! . During its first week ‘Born to be Yours’ debuted as no.1 on the Worldwide iTunes Song Chart. Last week it entered as no. 74 in Billboard Hot 100, and went straight to no. 3 on Billboard’s Hot Dance / Electronic Songs Chart. YESS!! 🙌🏼 Kygo also won Best Collaboration award at the 2018 Radio Disney Music Awards a couple of days ago! Have a nice weekend! #kygo #tinderbox #kygomusic #red #disney #borntobeyours
Kygo together with @tbinnyc last week in Cannes, France. Kygo will start his residency at @ushuaiaibiza soon and you can win tickets on @kygolife ’s instagram. Just check one of their recent posts! Are you going to any of Kygo’s shows this summer? 🎊 #kygo #kygomusic
Kygo will return back to Europe after MANY shows down in Las Vegas at @xslasvegas. He is returning back to @venicesummermusic Festival in Italy 28th July. Can’t wait for his festival performances, it gets better and better every year. Also, be sure to listen to Born to be Yours, have a nice week 💓 #Kygo #kygomusic
Kygo has been in Cannes, France for a couple of days to play at a small @iheartradio session. Justin Jesso joined him on singing Stargazing and Firestone as well. Also a late congrats to Kygo for such a good feedback on his recent track with @imaginedragons. If you haven’t heard the song yet, do it NOW and let me know what you think about it. I personally love it and have played it on repeat every since it came out 😛 (Video: @tbinnyc ) #kygo #iheartradio #kygomusic
Hey guys! 🙋🏼‍♀️ Today I will be focusing a post on myself, so you can get to know me even better. I have had this account for over two years now, and I think it’s about time for you to get to know who I am, even though some of you may know a lot about me already. You can ask me questions below and I will try to answer all of them as good as I can. So first of all, I am @nedamarija and I live in Norway near Oslo. In my spare time I like to hang out with friends, and I play handball as well which may be something you didn’t expect me to do. I go to piano lessons as well, and last but not least I ENJOY going to concerts and festivals as music is a huge part of me. Some random facts about me are that I can speak in three different languages, Lithuanian, Norwegian, English and even a little bit of Spanish (thanks to school, lol). I speak Lithuanian because I was born in Lithuania but moved to Norway when I was just a couple of years old. Lastly, a fun fact about me is that my eyes have to different colors, my left eye is brown while my right eye is blue. Although this may not be important for you guys to know, it is a fun thing to know about me, haha. (Yes. I am the person to laugh at my own jokes) Feel free to follow me on my private Instagram account as well if you would like to pictures from my regular life. Thanks for all the support, means the world to me ♥️ #Kygo #kygomusic #fan
BORN TO BE YOURS - IMAGINE DRAGONS X KYGO 🏔 The song we’ve been waiting for the last couple of days is FINALLY out! Oh my gosh, what a song! A collab between Imagine Dragons and Kygo is something I wouldn’t imagine could happen, but it surprisingly did! They managed to mix in Kygo’s signature melodies and the typical Imagine Dragons’s instrumentals. This song is perfect for the summertime, this was a really successful track, it could not turn out better. The song is stuck in my head all day!! What do you think about it?? Leave a comment below! #kygo #imaginedragons #kygomusic #kyrre #borntobeyours
Happy birthday to the one and only @justinjesso !! I wish you a happy birthday and I just want to say that you’re an incredible singer and songwriter! ‘Stargazing’ is an amazing song and I’m so glad you were the singer of the song as well 🌴🌴 It was great meeting you in Oslo, hope to see you in Bergen this summerrrr. (Video by me, @nedamarija ) . Kygo is currently in Vegas for his @wynnnightlife residency, he has been there for a couple of weeks now and he has a couple of shows left! Be sure to catch a show if you’re in Vegas, you do not want to miss it!! #kygo #kygomusic #stargazing
Hey everyone! 🌴 How you are you doing? I had my oral exam in Spanish yesterday, that was the reason why I didn’t have time to post as much as usual! It’s soon school break and I can’t wait to have my summer vacation, as well as following Kygo’s festival season! ☀️ Kygo is returning to Ibiza this summer at @ushuaiaibiza from 15 July to 2 September, are any of you going? I am not going to his show there, but I may be going to Ibiza for one day this summer, because I will be close to the Island when I’m on vacation! So we’ll wait and see 💁🏼‍♀️ . Kygo will perform at the iHeartRadio Musical Festival on September 21 and 22, this will be his first time performing there along with other artists such as @mariahcarey , @justintimberlake and @shawnmendes 💥 I am thinking of posting a more personal post about myself soon on this account, so you guys can get to know me better. Do you want me to do this? Leave a comment below. #kygo #kygomusic #ibiza #ushuaiaibiza #iheartradio
Hi, I have nothing much to post but here’s Kygo's shows this week: Sat - Encore Beach Club, Las Vegas 🇺🇲 Sun - XS Nightclub (Night Swim), Las Vegas 🇺🇲 Send some vids if you are going to the show, would love to post them #kygo #kygomusic
Kygo has currently been in California for a couple of days, and you’ve maybe seen that he has been in the studio a lot lately. Some of the people he has been in the studio with are @sandrocavazza , @jhartmusic and @ryantedder 🤑 Well, we’ll just have to wait and see what collaborations comes next. I’m so excited and hyped for Kygo’s next releases, talk to you soon <3 #kygo #kygomusic
Heyy 👋🏼 The weekend is here and I’m finally done with my English Exam today, from now on I can spend some more time on instagram ;) Kygo also revealed two of his special guests at his Kids In Love tour stop in Bergen, Kygo’s hometown! @juliamichaels and @olivernelsonmusic will be thereeee!! I can officially reveal that I will be there as well, and I’m so freaking excited you don’t even know. I will spend the whole weekend there in August and I will not just be there for @kygomusic ’s show, but @alanwalkermusic ’s birthday bash as well hehe 😏 I will basically be celebrating my birthday weekend there with friends and family! CAN’T WAIT, if you are going to be there, be sure to hmu, maybe we can meet? Or if you’re from Bergen, I would love to get some tips about the city or what I should do on my day off, DM ME! Talk to you soon, have a great Friday night #kygo #kygomusic @managermyles @iamparsonjames
New interview with Kygo at the @bbmas yesterday! Check out the full interview in my bio, he talks about his set at Coachella with Ariana Grande and his tribute to Avicii as well. Check it out now. Who do you want him to collaborate with? My biggest wishes are him to collaborate with @thegr8khalid , @theweeknd and @dualipa 🙃 #Kygo #kygomusic #dualipa #billboard #bbmas #theweeknd
HI EVERYONE 🙌🏼 How are ya doing? I haven’t posted for about a week and that’s because I have my school break which means I’ve spent most of my time at the cabin with my friends :) Just a little break before all my exams start 🙄 Anyways, Kygo has done several different things this week, such as attending the 2018 Billboard Music Awards 20th May #bbmas and he has also played at @edc_lasvegas and premiered a new song which I will talk about more later. Talk to you sooon #kygo #kygomusic @gettyimages
Last night's show in Boston was the second-last show for the Kids in Love tour (final show is 25 Aug in his hometown Bergen) ✨ I hope you loved the tour if you went to a show. If not, I hope you enjoyed my posts about the tour. I miss the concert in Oslo SOO much, went to the show with one of my best friends as well as one of my best Kygo fan friend so it could not be better! He sold out several of his shows at the big arenas and it is unbelievable, I’M SO PROUD of the crew and Kygo himself! ❤️ I am glad I’ll be able to see him again in Bergen this summer, I will confirm that in an other post btw. Anyways, thanks for sending me videos and a BIG thanks and shoutout to @lana_del_fraz who took over my story when she was at Kygo’s concert in Boston. Appreciate it a lot, thanks for all the support guys. We are almost 11k followers soon. BTW Kygo will perform at @fallontonight with @miguel and MAYBE @arianagrande. More coming soon <3 #kygo #kygomusic #kidsinlove #kidsinlovetour
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