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It has been two successful performances at Coachella and Kygo killed it both times! I am sooo proud of @managermyles and @kygomusic for putting on a such a great show. If you want to check his first full performance, I have linked it in my bio. Kygo was joined by his friends, family and crew what seems like two insane weekends! They celebrated @marenplatou ’s birthday as well, what looked like the most fun birthday anyone could have. So happy late birthday to her! 🎂 His next performance will be Wednesday - Kids in Love tour at Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Morrison CO 🇺🇲 Remember to join my recent giveaway and win tickets to @festningenfestival !! #kygomusic #kygo
A beautiful tribute from @kygomusic at @coachella last night 💔 Kygo had a beautiful show last night and ended it all with his favorite @avicii track! Kygo always said that Avicii had been his inspiration for making music, and the news were heartbreaking... I have not told you this yet, but when Avicii ended his carrier, I sent him a message and asked about one thing (as the typical Kygo fangirl I am, hehe). I asked if he ever would collab with Kygo, what would be an amazing collaboration, and he actually answered and wrote: “Only time will tell :)” a little fun fact right here. So have a nice day, spend this weekend listening to Avicii’s amazing tracks and be sure to enter my giveaway and have a chance to win TWO tickets to Kygo’s show here in Norway ❤️ #kygo #kygomusic #avicii #coachella
GIVEAWAY - FESTNINGEN TRONDHEIM In partnership together with @festningenfestival we are proud to announce that we are giving away TWO TICKETS to @festningenfestival in Trondheim, Norway 31th August - 1st September to ONE lucky winner! 🤩 (Travel costs are not included!) . How to enter: 1. FOLLOW @kygonor AND @festningenfestival 2. LIKE this post, leave a comment below and TAG someone you want to bring to the festival with you! 3. To double your chances of winning (optional), repost this picture and tag it with #kygonor ! (Your account should be PUBLIC during the giveaway!) And that's it! You are now entering this giveaway! We are announcing the winner in two weeks! Good luck & thanks to everyone who enters! ❤ #kygo #kygomusic @kygomusic #giveaway #kygonor
Kygo is nominated for three @billboard music awards, #top EDM Artist, Album (Stargazing) aaaand Song (It ain’t me)! The winners will be announced 20th May, so we have to cross our fingers and hope for the best! I am done with my exams for now, so I’m very happy about that. For those who still has exams and papers to deliver, good luck and do not stress about it!! Stay tuned for tomorrow, I will announce a giveaway!! 👌🏻😁 #Kygo #kygomusic #billboard #billboardawards
Here’s a pictures of @kygomusic with some youtubers you may be familiar with at Coachella! He will be back in Coachella on Friday, so don’t miss it! Kygo played two shows at the beautiful arena in San Francisco and by watching almost all the videos it looked amazing. @justinjesso is supporting Kygo and singing ‘Firestone’ which sounded SO GOOD! On friday I have a surprise for you, and you don’t want to miss it!! 🔥#kygo #kygomusic
What a successful performance at Coachella! WOW, I watched the whole thing twice and I had goosebumps all the time. If you swipe the post you’ll see @ryantedder and @kygomusic perform ‘Apologise’, so beautiful! If you want to see Kygo’s whole performance, I got you! Just check the link in my bio and enjoy! #kygo #kygomusic @managermyles
Coachella today!! ☀️ Kygo will play at Coachella, and his set will start at 8:30 PM local time and he will bring with him some special guests such as @onerepublic and more! He will bring the piano on stage as well, what will make the show even better! If you don’t have the chance to attend to the festival, don’t worry because there will be a livestream on and I will find a video of his set later! Have a nice day, and if you haven’t checked out @palmtree.crew ’s giveaway yet, so be sure to do that! 💎 #kygomusic #kygo (photo: @johanneslovund )
Tired - Alan Walker (Kygo Remix) The @kidsinlovetour PHASE TWO, starts today in Seattle at the Showare Center! 🔥 Kygo brings with him some special guests aaand @alanwalkermusic as his warmup! I have SO many exams and school going on right now however, I’m trying my best to keep you updated! The surprise aka giveaway I have been talking to you about these last couple of weeks will I post about on FRIDAY! So stay tuned, thanks for the incredible support! #kygo #kygomusic #giveaway #concert #alanwalker #seattle
@coachella last year! Kygo met @parishilton and they seemed to have a great time! I’m so excited for his Coachella set on April 13th, I hope he premiers some new music and visuals for us! Btw, remember to join @palmtree.crew ’s giveaway for a chance to win a necklace like Kygo’s 🔥 Have a nice dayyy! #kygo #ptc #kygomusic #coachella #parishilton
Heyy!! 👋🏼 You can now officially be a member of the Palm Tree Crew together with @martingarrix , @tiesto , @elliegoulding and @kygomusic himself!! Kygo launched the brand @palmtree.crew and only two items are available for purchase: a Palm tree pendant necklace in yellow gold for $450, and the same necklace but also with diamonds for $3,500! However, you can try to win a necklace on their account; @palmtree.crew , just comment and follow them! Good luck! I want to purchase one so bad, but I guess I have to save up some money first! Are you going to purchase it? 💎 #Kygo #kygomusic #palmtree #palmtreecrew
Kygo will be back at @coachella in just a week! He goes live 13th April Friday and I’m sure kygo will be joined by his family and friends and they will celebrate @marenplatou ’s birthday as well! So stay tuned for many cool posts and MAYBE some new music 🎶 Talk to ya soon! #kygo #kygomusic #coachella #martingarrix
Please caption this picture below 👇🏼 #tb to When @alanwalkermusic joined @kygomusic in South America a week ago ✨ #kygo #kygomusic #alanwalker #alanwalkermusic
Kygo has been in Siri Lanka these last couple of days at his sisters wedding (@nangifinejewelry )! His next show will be at @encorebeachclub on Sunday 8th April! Have a nice day, thanks for the amazing support!! :)) #kygo #kygomusic
Woah, I miss the festival season sooo incredibly much! I’m currently just hanging outside in the beautiful Norwegian weather and listening to some ooold Kygo remixes as well as the new @theweeknd album which I truly LOVE. Kygo and The Weeknd should really release something soon, bc I think everyone has been waiting for that to happen! 🤞🏻 I feel like I say this too often lately BUT, I have a surprise for you coming soon (yes, again) haha.. I also wanted to ask you a question, do you want me to do a q&a type of thing? Just so you can get to know me more, just let me know in the comment-section below. I have had this user for over two years, I think it’s time for you guys to get to know me more ☺️ #Kygo #kygomusic #festival
Heyy! I have got so many questions about the Palm Tree Crew and their necklaces. So this post will be all about that!🌴 The necklaces is made by @arven_gold_silver in Bergen, founded in 1868. They said, “Like Kygo, we have the same values: quality, roots, innovation,”. Kygo’s manager, Myles, contacted Arven and showed us the palm tree. He pretty much knew exactly what he and Kygo wanted, it was very straightforward. It takes 4 hours to create the necklace. The materials that are used is: Thirty-six diamonds sourced from Belgium, 18-karat gold palm leaves hanging from a diamond-cut anchor chain. The most asked question I have got is who the palm trees are given to:, so the Palm trees are handed out to Kygo’s crew, a few friends and other artists, like Tiësto and Ellie Goulding. Arven estimates it has made no more than 30 so far. If you want to read more about it, check out the link in my bio! #kygo #kygomusic #palmtreecrew @palmtree.crew
Kygo will continue his exclusive residency with Wynn Nightlife for 2018. His next show will be held there April 8th, tickets available at! 🥂 By the way, be sure to stream Kygo’s new track ‘Remind me to forget’ ft @miguel , and I also think Kygo will drop a few remixes of ‘Remind me To Forget’, because I watched the Ultra Livestream and Dash Berlin played an unreleased remix of the song soo... We’ll see! Have a nice dayyy #kygomusic #kygo #lasvegas #remindmetoforget #miguel
👋🏼 Heyyy I don’t even know where I should start, but I’m sure you’ve heard that Kygo took the third place on the Billboard Dance Top 100 poll. How amazing isn’t that? Last year I think he was number 17! So a huge congrats to him and his team on that! He headlined at @lollapaloozabr yesterday and he is done playing in South America for now! His next show will be at @encorebeachclub on Sunday, April 08! Have a super nice week, thanks for all the support ✨ #Kygo #kygomusic #brasil #lollapalooza
Kygo did an interview with @radio538 a while ago, and I wanted to share it with you! He listens to some Dutch music while he’s answering some questions! You should go and check it out 💫 Btw, I have some things planned for you guys soon... #kygomusic #kygo
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