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What is he listening to?🤔🎶 #kygolife Please follow me: -@kygodj_fans Via: -@kygolife
Touchdown Denver📍See you at Red Rocks tomorrow 🙌🏻 #KidsInLoveTour Please follow me: -@kygodj_fans Via: -@kygomusic
The days!! For more 👉 @mohatbt 👈 ____________ #love #tweegram #photooftheday #20likes #amazing Please follow me: -@kygodj_fans Via: -@kygomussic
A beautiful tribute from @kygomusic at @coachella last night 💔 Kygo had a beautiful show last night and ended it all with his favorite @avicii track! Kygo always said that Avicii had been his inspiration for making music, and the news were heartbreaking... I have not told you this yet, but when Avicii ended his carrier, I sent him a message and asked about one thing (as the typical Kygo fangirl I am, hehe). I asked if he ever would collab with Kygo, what would be an amazing collaboration, and he actually answered and wrote: “Only time will tell :)” a little fun fact right here. So have a nice day, spend this weekend listening to Avicii’s amazing tracks and be sure to enter my giveaway and have a chance to win TWO tickets to Kygo’s show here in Norway ❤️ #kygo #kygomusic #avicii #coachella Please follow me: -@kygodj_fans Via: -@kygonor
"FIRST TIME" FT ELLIE GOULDING IS OUT!🎶 I love this song, it's so simple and chill but it still has that Kygo-depth to it and the lyrics are worked through as usual. I can't wait for the summer nights when I can sit by the ocean with friends and listen to this song while the sun is setting, can you guys imagine how perfect that would be? Also, listening to it kind of makes me feel old even though I'm not even 18 yet haha, such a teen-song and I love it! What do you guys think?❤ #kygo #kygomusic #elliegoulding (photo cred: @elliegoulding ) Please follow me: -@kygodj_fans Via: -@kygoposts
When it comes to Scandinavian design, less is more. #kygolife Please follow me: -@kygodj_fans Via: -@kygolife
YOUNGER (REMIX) - @seinabosey #music #love #i #instagood Please follow me: -@kygodj_fans Via: -@kygomussic
Kygo is nominated for three @billboard music awards, #top EDM Artist, Album (Stargazing) aaaand Song (It ain’t me)! The winners will be announced 20th May, so we have to cross our fingers and hope for the best! I am done with my exams for now, so I’m very happy about that. For those who still has exams and papers to deliver, good luck and do not stress about it!! Stay tuned for tomorrow, I will announce a giveaway!! 👌🏻😁 #Kygo #kygomusic #billboard #billboardawards Please follow me: -@kygodj_fans Via: -@kygonor
Today isn't any day, because today is my account's 2nd birthday! Haha no, but exactly 2 years ago today I created this account and I'm so glad I did. I've been able to get to know such amazing people through this, I've gained followers from all over the world including Kygo himself and some of his friends and family, I've had the oppurtunity to have these amazing contests for you guys and I'm just so happy about all of it. I've had the chance to see Kygo twice in my hometown during these two years, and here's a little video from those nights. I wish I had the time to make a longer/better video or even a contest, although I really don't right now, but I hope you like this anyways! Thanks for these 2 years guys, and cheers to many more🍻💕 - #kygo #kygomusic Please follow me: -@kygodj_fans Via: -@kygoposts
Check out our latest headphones, the KYGO A6/500! Link in bio ✌🏼 #kygolife Please follow me: -@kygodj_fans Via: -@kygolife
‘Apologize’ is one of my all-time favorite songs..🙏🏻 It felt surreal to perform it with @ryantedder in front of 100.000 people at Coachella 😵 Please follow me: -@kygodj_fans Via: -@kygomusic
#fan #love #like4like Please follow me: -@kygodj_fans Via: -@kygomussic
@coachella last year! Kygo met @parishilton and they seemed to have a great time! I’m so excited for his Coachella set on April 13th, I hope he premiers some new music and visuals for us! Btw, remember to join @palmtree.crew ’s giveaway for a chance to win a necklace like Kygo’s 🔥 Have a nice dayyy! #kygo #ptc #kygomusic #coachella #parishilton Please follow me: -@kygodj_fans Via: -@kygonor
'First Time' music video is out!🔥 I LOVE this music video, when I saw the BTS photos from the shooting and saw that Kygo and Ellie would be in the video I just knew it would be amazing. I really like when Kygo is a part of his music videos and this one is definitely one of my favorites. It's so cool and different, and I love it. If you haven't seen it, go watch it on Kygo's VEVO on YouTube!🎶 Also, thank you guys so much for 13K! I'm sorry for being this inactive but I have so much going on rn in school and everything, but I'll finally go on summer vacation in 2,5 weeks and that's probably around the time I'll edit and upload my 13K video as well. Hope that's okay❤ - #kygo #kygomusic (video cred: KygoOfficialVEVO) Please follow me: -@kygodj_fans Via: -@kygoposts
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