Kona Venkat

My most favourite song from our film “Neevevaro” is coming before u soon !! Need ur love 💖
Proudly presenting our first teaser... hope u would like it 🙏
Ok.. our surprise guest for tomorrow is a director who made all of us proud with his great movies 👍
Our first teaser will be released from Goa by a surprise guest !! Hope u would love it 👍
New dream.. New journey.. New film with Venky & Chay .. Director bobby is fully charged.. Suresh productions & People media factory are producing this film in Association with Kona Film Corporation 👍
Thank u shiva... I’m happy and proud to bring this film before u.. great job done by all our wonderful actors Aadhi, Tapsi, Ritika Singh, Vennela Kishore, Saptagiri, Tulasi, Sivaji Raja and many more ... it’s a fun thriller which will hook u till the last frame !!
Our next.. This time we will thrill u !!
Art has many forms.. this is one of them.. Seattle art museum.. Our next destination !!
Happy to have met Raja Krishna Moorthi, Democrat and congressman from Illinois 8th district.. Very proud to see Indian blood in American politics.. Hope to see more & more 👍
I sincerely thank ATC (American Telugu convention) for inviting me to Dallas. It was a great event and great gesture from both ATA & TATA 👍
Hoping to meet some enthusiastic film lovers in Dallas!! See u soon ...
It’s a gripping thriller with some good entertainment!! Proud to be presenting this 🎥
Our Next Film.... This will definitely excite u & entertain u .. It’s an edge of the seat thriller with some genuine humour!!
I like this pic... sync !!
My best wishes to Akhil for his new film.. I’m super positive about this one 👍
Chatting in Shooting!!
To all the women in my life and all the women in this world “Happy women’s day”.. Ur our strength and Ur our support system !! Love u all 🙏
When u see people around u are happy,u also feel that happiness.. it’s infectious.. Happiness is in the air in Vizag on this HOLI day!!
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