Pierre Bennett

USN🇺🇸⚓️. 🏠 ✈️ Japan🇯🇵 MooMoo ❤️ Do numbers and remain humble.

Mean mug 😩😭
The memories that will last a lifetime 💕
Be back soon momma, promise 😘
For you I will ❤️
When dad watches you 😅🍩 #krispykreme 😋
She loves eating my face 😭
Isabella ❤️
My greatest accomplishment in life ❤️
She know I couldn’t ever get mad at her. She got my ❤️
We was working on our tan lines ☀️
My big girl 💕
“When your parents make you eat your veggies” 🤣 (she actually likes them, they’re peas 🤤)
One more month until deployment 😪
I can’t believe how small she use to be, they grow so fast 😪
My baby poppin 😍❤️
Still getting kisses from daddy!
I got you baby, don’t even worry! Cleanliness is next to godliness 😇
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