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Makeup @starworksartists LA/NY💄I don't face-tune/photo edit red carpet because REAL is beautiful. I ❤️ spicy food, skincare, jewels & Bird 💑😍

It me.
I’m so grateful I got to be a part of this! I love you #courteneycox & #cocoarquette ❤️ @mrchrismcmillan #kirinbhatty for @starworksartists #Repost @people Some of your favorite celeb moms are getting candid about how they raise their beautiful families. #TheBeautifulIssue
#regram @instylemagazine the beautiful @madbrew attends the first annual “Badass women” dinner hosted by @lauradern at the Sunset Tower! @pennylovellstylist #makeupartist #kirinbhatty for @starworksartists #freshskin #glowingskin #lessismore #madelinebrewer #handmaidstale
Such a fun and fulfilling day with @mistergarf #Repost @offcamerashow “Everyone’s trying to squeeze into the same little box, but each of us has something that nobody else has. You have to focus on knowing who you are and being honest in your own thing.” The #MaeWhitman magazine is here! Get yours at #GoodGirls @samjonespictures @bobbyeliot @sarahschussheim #makeupartist #kirinbhatty for @starworksartists
One of the coolest things I’ve gotten to be part of. Shutting down a New York Subway? CHECK! SOUND ON!!! Coming soon #Repost @lecoqkorea #RetroBoogie #hiplet #lecoqsportif thanks to @sashajpark & @crystalsang for letting me be a part of this and to @andrewsotomayor for your help! #blackgirlmagic #kirinbhatty for @starworksartists @homerhansbryant @niamparker @_nia_lyons_ @cvmryntaylor_
Winks by @gideonadlon 😉😘 and glossy lids with #cherrysmoke kisses by @tomford & me 🍒💨💋 for the for the @flauntmagazine party last night! #gideonadlon @blockersmovie
Walks in the Getty garden with @tessamaethompson & @kateandlauramulleavy for this month’s @rodarte story in @portermagazine (Glam for Tessa @hairbyadir @vshokrian #kirinbhatty for @starworksartists ) @dritch #tessathompson #rodarte
This is my friend @gabbipascua - we met years ago assisting our little hearts out - and here she is - all grown up and the founder and CEO of her own natural makeup line called @suitbeauty 💋💄💋 Specializing in lip stains, balms and a facial mist that’ll knock your socks off, I can’t wait for you to all discover these kit essentials. So proud to know you and watch you launch this incredible line. #thefutureisfemale #femaleceo #hustlehard #love #makeupartist #suitbeauty #followsuit
I discovered this beautiful brand @abhatisuisse on my last trip to @credobeauty and I am so enthralled not only by the integrity behind the natural ingredients chosen to create these lovely things, but also behind the brand’s heritage and purpose of empowering women. This brand does so many things including sending young girls in India to school, as well as helping local farming and conservation efforts. Also the founder Anju Rupal takes her Indian roots and uses that history and tradition and marries it to Swiss technology and brand integrity. Anju - even though we haven’t met in person, I feel connected to you and all that you do. Excited to get to know this brand more and to also see the world get a little brighter with you in it. #skincaresunday #abhatisuisse #naturalskincare #southasian #anjurupal #makeupartist #kirinbhatty for @starworksartists #notanad just a #skincarelover #selfcare #credobeauty
We got the Getty to ourselves this day and we made a little magic. ⭐️⚡️ #Repost @rodarte Love @tessamaethompson wearing Rodarte SS18 in a Rodarte feature for @portermagazine (Editor: Vanessa Shokrian, Photographer: @dritch ). Shot at @gettymuseum ❤️❤️❤️ #tessathompson #rodarte @hairbyadir #kirinbhatty @starworksartists
#tbt to when I was a soccer star and ahead of the curve when it came to the high waisted shorts trend. (I felt like this pic deserved another go on IG bc it’s THAT good) #doratheexplorer #ethnicparents #ayso #benchwarmer 🥇🏆⚽️
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