⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Tag me if you repost my edits. -#videoedit

-happy bday to me at the exact time i posted this, i turned 18. its such a big year for steve and i. he turned 100 and i turned 18 crazy stuff bromigas🍒💛🍦
rsmb ruined this ontop of it being rushed 😈🍀❄️🍒 -ib; @gutoeditsbr — this is shadow banned :’)
king of asgard 👑⚡️ -sorry its bad i rushed it a lot —happy 4th of july
if only... still happy with what i got in dp2 tho 🍀 -brotp or otp edit, your decision
i made this in like 3 seconds dont hate and its a scrap cause i gave up after breathing once 💅🤑😋👽😈 ac; @editfads
the strongest male avenger 🤴💪⚡️ -dt: @odinscn -infinity war spoilers — seizure warning?
stucky is rising and u cant do anything about it (wear earbuds i edited the audio a lot and its a quiet song)
njadaka | killmonger - [ 38 seconds ] — sorry i rushed it
king tchalla -this looked better on my laptop
when ur mom sees u sleeping peacefully 🙈🙈🙈🙈
bitches call me papi -dt; my mom @qwenstacy
scrap tony stark edit - for laur @fmustark — ib: @spxdey
my first ever wanda edit - dt @wiccqn
wolverine —dt @gogrimess @xmutantsx @rdjthirst - “whats your name mister” “its logan”
Times up ya dumb fuck - dt; @crya.otiel @jktheadventurer
Chronological order? - Infinity war edit — [ 30 seconds ]
T.O + P.P -cant wait to see these mcdudes in iw
sorry there was a bug on the screen -dt; @forcegalactic — wear headphones // my audio
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