Me and my Adidas made history! What we’ve done for the cultures no mystery! @wex @paulloving @emilyrosetv #747warehousest #adidassuperstar #adidasoriginals
Me and My Adidas made history! What we’ve done for the cultures no mystery! Like Bruce Lee scarred in my three stripes! I work hard to win these fights!!! #adidassuperstar #adidasoriginals @wex #nobetterbrandanywhere #adidasforlife
Vinyl Out Now! #vinylcommunity #vinylcollector Go to your local record store and get the real deal good awesome dope fun music!!! Pass it down thru your generations!!!! P.S. Pick up my comic book too! @dmcmakescomics That way you’re complete with real incredible Kool stuff! #comicsarecool
Coming soon! Darryl’s Dream is for everyone who’s ever been picked on for being different and for every kid who has a dream. It’s great for anyone who needs inspiration. We all can conquer our fears and go after our dreams! #nobullies #weareperfectjustasweare #itscooltobesmart #itscooltobecreative #comicsarecool #dreamscometrue
City Of Brotherly Love is the place to be! Sat Jan 27th Amalgam Comics and Coffeehouse!!! 1 to 3 in the place to be!!! #comicsarecool #comicsrule
Happy Birthday to the Queen! @zmc25 She’s been a blessing to the kingdom and the world for 44 years! And did a great job as a mother raising the prince @princeofrock93 to be prepared to take over the kingdom and the world! I love you! #happybirthday
When these two get together...WOW!!!Watch Out World!!! @zmc25 @princeofrock93 See why I love em!!! #goodlife #goodvibes
@princeofrock93 is in the place to be! 2018 make was for the king! #royalty
Happy Birthday @therealstanlee We love this man! His name is Stan! Your crew from Queens salutes you! #legendary #comicsarecool @dmcmakescomics
Happy Holidays from The King, The Queen @zmc25 and The Prince @princeofrock93 May your holidays and everydays be royally blessed safe and prosperous!!!
Thank you @raheem_devaughn for allowing me to be part of the mission! Not only are you talented, you’re a soldier taking that power and putting it to great use!!!!@howardtheater was awesome! #makingadifference #lovelifefoundation
Happy Holidays It’ll be Christmas Time in The DMV! I’m in the place to be to rock a few songs for @lovelifedmv and the man @raheem_devaughn and @howardtheatre will be the place it’s all going down! I’m one of many coming thru to perform! Tonite Dec 21st!!! #theplacetobe #goodreasontogo #supportthereal
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