Kristen Eldred

20 || SAU Junior

My sisters ❤️ (plus Tambu)
Making studying fun ☕️ #collegelife
Foster Falls 🍃
My girls 🌸 #Nashville
Had a great summer and met some amazing people ❤️ 🇪🇸
Trying to take a normal pic on the Aqueduct of Segovia #SpanishAdventures
Alcázar 🏰
Catedral de Valencia #españa
Sagunto 🇪🇸
Happy Father's Day! 🌼
Beautiful wedding! Congrats Austin and Molly #mollytakesajohnson
The graduate! 🎓❤ #SAU
Find someone who won't let you fall ❤️ PC: @abigail_wright_
Red & Black Gala but Sierra breaks the rules #SigmaTauDelta #rawtill4
Apparently we don't know how to look at the same time 😂 but missed him ❤
Spring Break in Belize 🇧🇿
Throwback to over 2 years ago when this guy first caught my eye (and Abbye's) #HappyValentinesDay
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