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M I D H E A V E N ▪️D E N I M Available Now! @midheavendenim

Still on a high from our @midheavendenim shoot last weekend!!! These tall drinks a water looked like a band of runaway cowgirls on stilts and couldn’t have represented the brand any more beautifully. Our fearless leaders @brianbowensmith @brandonsmith8 @kmchugh59 bringing a gorgeous vision to the mix along with the hubs’ massive creative influence @joshbrolin . @hayley_atkin_ styling and @campbellcarly HMU were major power players and of course @the_michelledeleon @raykrussell and @kayprech ❤️ thank you all for a delightful day and a most inspired moment in this journey of building Midheaven. Can’t wait to show you all our beautiful lookbook. @brianbowensmith ❤️🙏🏻📸
Holding auditions for a new thing. It’s a thing I’m doin. Think I may have found the guy. Maybe not. Gotta think on it.
Wheewww can’t wait for this . #Sicario #DayoftheSoldado #June29 @joshbrolin @black_label_media 🤘🏻
Doesn’t get much better. NEW WHITE AVAILABLE NEXT MONTH!! Right hand @joshbrolin , banger @the_michelledeleon , MVP @brianbowensmith @brandonsmith8 @kmchugh59 . 💫 @midheavendenim Styling by @hayley_atkin_ H/MU @campbellcarly @lamodelsrunway
Midheaven Motel with MVP winner Brian Bowen Smith (@brianbowensmith ) killing our lookbook PhotoShoot today. 🔥 Model @raykrussell and amazing crew @brandonsmith8 and @kmchugh59 !! Styling @hayley_atkin_ HMU by @campbellcarly Right hand and Big creative influence @joshbrolin @midheavendenim #midheavendenim #denimart
IM SO EXCITED Look at homeboy up top. He’s a purple, kill-happy giant on a power trip. Watch the trailer on YouTube eeeeeekkk 🎯 #Avengers #Thanos #EmoThanos #stonehungry #cantwait @marvelstudios @joshbrolin
Dogtown Romance ✨ @joshbrolin
Grandpa dance 💃🏻 for Midheaven’s #Augustine jean arriving Wednesday! Only did a limited run of these beauties so make sure to grab yours via PreOrder at MidheavenDenim.com ! #bringbackthegrampadance #idontknowhowtomodelanymore #buyme #Augustine #MidheavenDenim
Apparently we’re the life of the party.
Midheaven embroidered tees comin up! Create your account at www.midheavendenim.com for updates on how to win your custom embroidered T-shirt!! @midheavendenim #MidheavenlyTee #loveourcustomers Photo by @valeriefox_photo
So much love and respect for these incredible women. Thank you @cslaughters. #LAMB #WeToo #Repost @megmessmer with @get_repost ・・・ Are you kidding me?!?!?! Look at these beauties! #LAMB is one of my #alltimefavorite #setexperiences ! This is a whole lotta females....and two of our very humble dude actors...who made #FilmmakingMagic this weekend. @cslaughters @bsaraelizabeth @lifeoutloudfilms - thank you for being the most amazing inspiring non-stop team players @charliechotgun we could never have done this without you and the amazing crew you put together. @meln0r @taylorehartley thanks for stepping up to the plate @angep6 @shegrip @laura.knox @thunderkat @locogs @insideofpeach @katelainebrennan @nataliepero @carolibeni you exceeded all expectations!! And our killer cast @kathrynbrolin @tynerrushing @carlos_aviles_ thank you a million times! #letsdoitagain ! . . . #womeninfilm #produceractress #actressproducer #femaleproducer #lambshortfilm #wetoo #metoo #timesup #allfemalecrew #makinmovies #femalefilmmakers #femalefilmmaking #atlantafilm #georgiafilm #livingthedream #lovemydayjob #dowhatyoulove #lovewhatyoudo
FOR THE KIDS!! 🤘🏻🙏🏻✨ #Repost @joshbrolin with @get_repost ・・・ (Yes, that’s his actual chair and...) — Now is the moment: all in for @marvelstudios #HeroActs ! If my co-stars and I reach 1 million hits on our posts, Marvel and Disney together will donate $250,000 to Starlight Children’s Foundation! Forward onto your friends since this lends to something GOOD! Even though Thanos is doing right according to him, this is the only thing that he will do that will be FOR something, and who doesn’t want to do anything for a kid? @davebautista @renner4real @markruffalo @chrishemsworth #chrisevans @elizabetholsenofficial #scarlettjohansson @doncheadle @paulbettany @brielarson @robertdowneyjr @prattprattpratt @tomholland2013 @pom.klementieff @karengillanofficial @zoesaldana @jimmy_rich #thanos #infinitywar @starlightchildrensfoundation #doitforthekids
No sleep. Up at 3 am. Flight home today to work with my girl @cslaughters on a project very near and dear. This week was a special one for many reasons. Stressed, overjoyed, productive, fulfilled and sleepy, I live for emotional melting pots and I’m currently completely submerged in mine. Can’t wait to show you everything we’ve got cooking. Xx @midheavendenim @joshbrolin
Today was fun ✨ Impromptu Midheaven shoot with my girl @valeriefox_photo and the lovely and hilarious @_lucydrew_ xo @midheavendenim
Support from other entrepreneurial women like this powerhouse is humbling and inspiring. Thank you Sarah for your kind words! Your Midheavens look so good on you!! ✨ #Repost @sarahpotempa with @get_repost ・・・ ✨GOOD JEANS ✨Congrats @kathrynbrolin on launching @midheavendenim 🙌🏼 Beyond excited to hear about other women starting businesses and creating their vision into their reality! Kathryn found it hard to find jeans that fit her tall figure so she created #midheavendenim ! Being an #entrepreneur is a journey filled with hours of hard work, education, and teamwork so let’s all congratulate @kathrynbrolin and wish her luck (oh, and tag any #tallgirls that need new #jeans !!) 🙌🏼✨🥂 #goodthingswillcome #femaleentrepreneur #igotbeachwaved 📸: @potemily @thebeachwaver
Hangin on to this tan compliments of Costa Rica for as long as I can. Pale Kathryn is waiting in the wings and I can feel her aggression. #backoffbia
Got my Midheavens laid out for my ride home today. Always my favorites. Get yours at www.midheavendenim.com 💫
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