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For anyone who has ever said, “A picture just doesn’t do it justice.” . Well, real estate photography has evolved... . Virtual Tours allow you to be anywhere in the world and feel like your your walking around inside a property to get an authentic look and feel, from floor plan to the details of the countertops. . The versatility of a @matterportmedia Virtual Tour is incredible and the technology is expanding to create more awesome features not only for homes but for businesses as well. . If you have any questions feel free to DM me or click on the 3D showcase link in my bio! . . #matterportservicepartner #realestate #business #virtualmarketing #possibilities #justheagent
Her, “oh shit this is fun” face is so much better than mine... . I was focused on trying to be good at it after seeing 6-8 year olds make it look easy, and of course Cat was a natural 🙄 . Next time it’s the real deal 😉 ✈️ . #indoorskydiving #newhampshire #weekendgetaway #trynewthings #skyventure
Meal Prep 💪🏼 . ...is time consuming, but so worth it. . I’m more likely to steer off course is when I don’t have any meals and I’m in a hurry so it’s import for me to have meals ready to go. . To simplify the prep and reduce the overall active cooking time I will cook in bulk using the oven. Mixing together one of my “signature marinades” or some dry spices only takes a few minutes. Then I’ll throw my protein, carb and veggies all on trays and bake for however long it requires. . Usually there are varying cook times between the different foods but it’s long enough to not have to really stand at attention and doing this allows me to multitask pretty effectively. Say the cook time is 50 minutes, that’s 50 minutes of work I can be doing on my laptop waiting to hear the timer go off and maybe throwing in or taking out a tray here and there. . Don’t get me wrong I love grilling chicken or searing steak in a cast iron pan, but the end result of baking can be just as delicious and it makes my day a little more efficient. . FYI, my “signature marinades” are just times I randomly throw stuff together and it ends up tasing good 🤯😂 . #mealprep #nutrition #ilovefood #lifestyle #iam1stphorm
#fbf to the time I tried to be cool and do a backflip off a zip line and well luckily it’s off camera 😂 but as you can tell from my amigo’s reaction (🔈on) it wasn’t pretty😯 . @catherinepimenta on the other hand showed what a majestic and graceful creature she really is 😘 and if my memory serves me right this is just before she totaled... yes TOTALED... a quad in the middle of the Mexican jungle 😂😂😂 . Pro tip: when renting expensive machines in other countries always buy the insurance 😉 . #travel #globetrotters #zipline #fail #wheretonext
#happymonday . It doesn’t have to be complicated.. . I had every excuse not to go to the gym today. When my night shift rotation comes around my sleep cycle gets all thrown off and I’m not always as sharp after a few nights in. So this morning I wasn’t really in the condition to do anything super complex, I did some basic core work to finish off an equally basic arm workout . I usually like to mix things up. I’ll fill workouts with supersets and/or drop sets and some HIIT cardio throughout my week. Things like that help to keep me engaged and my body guessing, but it wasn’t about that today. . Today was about getting it done, simple but no less effective. . You’ll find a way or you’ll find an excuse 👊🏼 . #duespaid #noexcuses #dothework #iam1stphorm
Peyton’s playroom... @catherinepimenta had a great idea to hang string on the walls so Peyton can display her works of art. She even had me draw a picture for her and it’s hangin up there now.. and it’s definitely the best one 🙃 . It’s a lot of fun watching the imagination of a 5 year old and I think it’s our job as parents to keep that creative spark alive, because I know soon enough the world will be trying to put it out . In my opinion, she’ll be better off the more she can think outside the box, allowing her to stay true to herself and build on her strengths . #sundayfunday #familytime #raisingthenextgeneration #strongkids #brightfuture
I usually enjoy myself but I’m not always in a good mood, shit happens and when I need to get my head right all it takes is a few moments of being thankful for what I’ve got. . ...I’ve yet to find myself still angry while being grateful... . ...I also eat no matter what I’m doing... that part doesn’t depend on what mood I’m in 🤤... . What do you do to change your state of mind? • • • #perspective #positiveenergy #dothework #alwayseating #iam1stphorm
What a fucking journey so far. . I definitely let myself go shortly after my daughter was born. Then, that picture at 212lbs, exactly 76 days before a trip to Mexico I decided right there and then I was going to double down and make some shit happen... . Weight loss... There’s a lot of good resources out there but honestly it can be overwhelming and increasingly convoluted the more you look into it. . The only thing I did that has been sustainable was my change in LIFESTYLE. That change came from daily decisions that eventually turned into habits. Paying attention to what I eat, being comfortable working out and understanding proper recovery. It all came with time and discipline. . Now it’s almost 2 years later and I’m still working toward where I want to be but I’m far from where I was and getting better every day. . If something’s holding you back from starting your journey or if your struggling, feel free to reach out. Chances are I’ve been there and I’d be happy to help. . #lifestylechanges #iam1stphorm #dedicationandhardwork #transformation #howbaddoyouwantit #100to0
#tbt to a bad ass shoot 📸 full of guns and adrenaline. . The reason I originally got into photography, besides it being fun, was for real estate. . But the opportunities it created has really allowed for me to explore it further and push myself creatively. . It’s almost like it rekindled that middle school version of myself that enjoyed this imaginative and creative side of life. . Looking forward to some more content creation soon! . #photography #contentcreator #canonusa
I am probably the most impatient person when waiting to hear back on an offer. . There’s not much more rewarding than when I get to call my client with some good news. . And there’s not much I hate more than losing. . Either way, it’s personal. . #realestate #helpingpeoplewin #leavenothing
Oh the greens.. . I thought eating a hand full of broccoli in one meal and asparagus in another was enough. . Nope! Once I figured out how much I should be eating I realized I was doomed. No way I was going to get 6-8 servings a day and even if I did, 6-8 servings of steam fresh broccoli is not going to cut it. . I decided to add Opti-Greens 50 to my routine to help fill the gaps. It’s got the nutritional benefit of all those superfoods and I don’t have to worry about buying a separate freezer just for frozen fruits and veggies. . @1stphorm has somehow made this greens supplement taste good and ... it’s actually green! That may seem obvious but I’ve seen plenty of greens product that looked.. well, a little off color 🤨 . Since adding it I’ve felt more energized and it’s ingredients help promote a healthy gut and digestive tract so that I can get the most out of my meals and post workout nutrition. . More greens = more health gainzz 💪🏼 . #optigreens50 #healthyeats #iam1stphorm
Whenever we’re home around lunch time this is typically what happens, @catherinepimenta is making her valuable contribution to the “what’s for lunch” debate...😴... Peyton and I are just actin a fool and Rocco finds someone to lay on (usually Catherine) . Juggling the business and real estate with my work schedule means I’m not always there for these moments but when I am there man I sure do make the most of it. . Oh and paisley is totally off camera freaking out trying to find a way to fit in this pile 🐶 😂 . #makeitcount #familytime
I had constant pain in my left knee. . My girlfriend convinced me to talk it over with a doctor. He suggested I was overtraining, using improper from or both and I was over taxing my knees and should take some time off. . I was bullshit but I listened.. I took about 6 weeks off from lower body workouts and anything high impact. All my cardio was done on spin bikes and row machines and the only lower body movements I did were body weight. . I read up on stretches and worked thru some self rehabilitation movements. . When I got back to it I would record myself squatting and compare it to videos depicting good form on people with similar build and goals and made sure I took enough time to warm up and stretch to open up my knees and hips. . It’s been a while since I’ve gone above 300 on a squat.... . This squat @ 315 felt real good... I think a PR session is on the horizon 😈 . But if I didn’t take the time to listen to my body, get my ego out of the way and make some adjustments, I’d probably be in a world of hurt today.. . Taking time to warm up and understanding the importance of recovery has made a world of difference in my progress back to my personal bests, and I feel better knowing my body is primed and ready for it. . For me this was an important lesson learned that can apply to any area of life. First noticing there is a problem and then taking the steps necessary to remedy the situation. . It’s easy to ignore a problem until it blows up in your face. . Learning everyday, getting better everyday 👊🏼 . #iam1stphorm #squats #betterthanyesterday
I posted this picture on Facebook, 5 years ago today. . The caption was “blueberry muffin and a monster, breakfast of champions” . I was also 220lbs+ which was at least 60lbs more than I have ever weighed, and I was in the worst shape of my life. #dadbod 🙄 . ⬅️swipe forward 5 years to my breakfast this morning and you’ll see quite a bit has changed . I made a choice about 3 years ago to get myself back to good health. So I wasn’t laboring up stairs and struggling to fit in pants. . It didn’t happen overnight. It took one conscious decision after another... after another... after another... until I started to develop new habits. . Breaking those habits built confidence that with time and persistence I could make any change I wanted. . That small one degree shift to cut back on energy drinks, led to more changes, more confidence, and a whole new mindset. . I’m eating that breakfast today in not only the best shape of my life but also having arguably the best mindset, determination and confidence I’ve ever had to not only achieve fitness goals, but to go out and chase down my dreams. . #onedegreeshift #change #iam1stphorm
“Your feelings don’t matter.” - @jockowillink . Sometimes I don’t feel like making those phone calls. . Sometimes I don’t feel like putting in the work. . It doesn’t matter, I have to shut that shit down as fast as I can and get things done whether I feel like it or not. . No excuses. . Own it 👊🏼 . #extremeownership #itsnotmagic #100to0
Taking care of my body while taking care of business 😎 . I found out just how important staying hydrated was when I passed out when I was 13. In church of all places! . Imagine waking up and seeing the priest amongst the crowd of people standing around you 😐😂 . After a trip to the hospital and a bunch of tests, the diagnosis: dehydration . At that age I thought dehydration was something I’d only need to worry about if I was stuck in the desert 🐫 .. besides who drinks water when there’s all these other tasty things around anyway?! . Honestly it wasn’t until the past few years when I realized how much water I should be drinking. . Once I started getting 100-120oz of water in my system I felt like a whole different person. . It helps things from metabolism and brain function to muscle recovery and waste disposal, and really helps make everything in your body function properly. . Whether training or not, drinking enough water daily does the body a tremendous amount of good, including keeping yourself from being the center of attention at church. . Oh and I have some killer hydrator jug exercises if anyone is interested! 💪🏼🤣 . #hydrate #waterisnotwet #iam1stphorm
These plans are more like guidelines. . As important as the details may be I find it even more important not to get lost in them. . There is no perfect plan. . As my favorite quote of all time says, “everybody’s got a plan, until they get punched in the face” - Mike Tyson . So I write down critical tasks that keep me on track towards the overall goal. . That way I hold myself accountable and can focus on execution. . I’ve realized preparedness is part of the equation but all the plans in the world won’t help anything if they’re not implemented. . Gotta do the work 👊🏼 . #powerlist #dothework #execute
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