"I wouldn't be doing it if it got boring. I'm always trying to learn new information, find some new creative outlet, a new way to get off your creative frustration." - @travisscott #JUMPMAN 📸: @RaysCorruptedMind ✍️: @Rembert 📲: air.jordan.com
"It’s a dream come true. I’ve been playing basketball in Jordans my whole life. When I first got to the league I wasn’t with them, but when I signed I was excited. Excited to be part of the brand. And to play for him… it’s crazy. That’s a crazy feeling. He’s the GOAT. He’s someone I’ve looked up to my whole life, like most people. He changed the game. So it’s just dope to be a part of the team and the brand.” - @_kw15 #JUMPMAN 📸: @RaysCorruptedMind ✍️: @Rembert 📲: air.jordan.com
As All-Star turned down, #JUMPMAN turned up at 23 Black.
“I embrace that ‘Why Not?’ mentality, not just in basketball but throughout life. I think a lot of people lack self-confidence. And I want the mindset behind that message to give kids the confidence they can do whatever they put their mind to, that they can try different things they typically might not try.” - @RussWest44 #JUMPMAN 📸: @RaysCorruptedMind ✍️: @Rembert 📲: air.jordan.com
Not for Gravity Not for Hype Not for Limits Not for Rules For the Love of the Game #JUMPMAN
"He’s reversing the process where he’s designing like the original sketches. But he’s doing it from a different perspective -- I don’t even know how to describe it. But I love it." - Tinker Hatfield Legendary Jordan designer Tinker Hatfield and shoe artist @joshuavides share a conversation about the creative process. #JUMPMAN 📸: @RaysCorruptedMind ✍️: @Rembert 📲: air.jordan.com
“Where do I even begin? When I turned 18 and I started making my own bread -- bought the low-top 11s, with the little vents in them. With the same colorways as the black cement joints. I used to wear those everyday bro. After that, I just built a crazy collection. I started collecting mad Js and just started going ham.” - @Ricci_Riera A crucial figure in LA’s sound, hip-hop producer and sneakerhead Ricci Riera is shaping the next generation of greatness. #JUMPMAN 📸: @RaysCorruptedMind ✍️: @Rembert 📲: air.jordan.com
“I was motivated, more than anything. Because my first few years were tough, nothing was easy about it, the constant ups and downs. And downs. And downs. And disappointments. And frustrations. And it seems like, everyone gives up on you. But deep down, you’re like -- I know I got it. This summer, I just invested in that.” - @vicoladipo #JUMPMAN 📸: @RaysCorruptedMind ✍️: @Rembert 📲: air.jordan.com