Julien De Smedt

STHLM/CPH/BRU/NYC/SYR/LIS ----- founder of JDS Architects (2006-now), MWA (2013-now) with William Ravn and PLOT with Bjarke Ingels (2001-2006)

Despite repeated requests for 9 months, after not studying structural solutions of a big cantilever, our engineers now announced that it would need a column. Here’s the column design I proposed. The 🖕version was tempting but turned out too weak structurally
From @wannabepotter to #wannabeinpottery in less than 2 months 😂
>>>> T E J #julienemmateo
‘my’ rock
That model needs ironing
Artist in the making 😍
Watch out all you @wannabepotter Teo’s joining the craze 😂
#hallaolafsdottir doing her thing
Téo et Babar
Full on Fall
🌅 dark in 20’
At the Nordic Architecture Fair kick off this morning with Kjetil, Gert, Peka etc hosted by Gothenburg mayor, @svenskamassan and @mark_isitt #nordicarchitecturefair #nordicarchitecturefairawards2017 @jdsarchitects
Weird: why is a @brussels_airlines @flyingbrussels flight from @brusselsairport at a gate all the way at the end of the terminal? Being the local airline you would think they would locate themselves closer to where people get into this gigantic and endless Belgian fry. But maybe that’s another sign of our hospitality towards the foreign airlines/passengers?
Sunday style
Oh oh mayo ❤️
Asplund n Téo
Partner in crime @bdeveth in today’s @levifweekend while handling @jdsarchitects business in NYC 🤘
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