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A majority of the time we went hiking it was last minute texts to our little group message we had. A "Lets go" from one of us who got off work early immediately got the adrenaline pumping for a race up the mountain to make sure we were there in time for sunset. Some days the winds gusts on the mountains exceeded 30 mph, made it extra scary when you already had shaky legs walking on the razor thin ridge lines. Also I think Dan is on top of the mountain dabbing or something, who knows.
Just around the corner
Before 2010 that crater with smoke rising from within did not exist. Once shaped with a flat top like Mt Sindoro and Mt Sumbing (the two volcanoes in the distance) Mt. Merapi violently erupted killing over 200 people as well as destroying homes and whole villages in its wake. I stood on the rim of this crater for sunrise and watched as the fog rolled out to show the clouds of sulfur rise from within and the two Volcanoes I had yet to climb in the distance.
A little over 6 months ago I watched the sun rise over Indonesia for the first time. It's also the first morning I met my life long friend @iwwm. I originally had just gone for 2 weeks and ended up spending two months. Its crazy how time flies by, what seems like forever is only a fingernails length in the timeline of your life. Make everyday meaningful, you don't know when that timeline will come to a close.
This past week I met up with my pal Samwell as he finished the final leg of his trip. For the past 9 months Samwell has been rock climbing across the United States and living out of his converted Suburban. If stoke could be described as a person it would be Samwell, always a big smile on his face and always ready to rock on.
On the ground a cloudy day may seem gloomy, But in the clouds it may just be the opposite.
Pure stoke as we got to enjoy Multnomah all to our selves this past winter in Oregon. Sad to hear of all the devastation caused by forest fires in this beautiful area.
Watching water violently crash against stone with a roar. Stillness and peace found in displays of great power and energy.
Locked in the back of my mind great memories await to be remembered. Looking at an old photo is almost like pressing the play button for a memory in my mind. Laughing and overlooking the sun setting into the ocean, even just sitting in silence breathing in the salty air. Life's crazy, it's nice to look back and reflect on some hidden memories.
Puerto Rico has been devastated by Hurricane Maria. Houses destroyed, streets flooded and supplies dwindling. During my time spent in Puerto Rico earlier this year, it has become a home away from home and I've gained life long friends there. Upon arrival, Oct 21st, we (@adventureabides ) will be partnering with our brother @simonebirch to help serve and love on the people of Puerto Rico. I ask that if you're reading this and haven't found an outlet to donate yet, that you would consider giving to the work we will be doing. 1$ or 100$, it's all appreciated and will be put towards help fixing the damage brought upon by the hurricane. 100% of your donations will go towards blessing the people of PR. You can donate through Venmo or PayPal: Adventure Abides. In these next few weeks of preparation I will keep you updated on support raised and some more details of what we will be doing out there. If you have any questions please dm me or comment below.
Moments of stillness. Watching the fog roll through the trees before the sun rises and burns it out.
Right now I'm sitting in the airport on my way home, reflecting on my 3 week trip to Russia. I went into Russia without any expectations yet despite that I still found myself surprised on many occasions. Surprised by the kindness of people, the landscapes, even how people looked and how they practiced religion. It's human nature, we easily form opinions or typecast without ever experiencing or seeing for ourselves, and a lot of the time we don't even realize we do! We base what we think Solely from other people (often people we don't even know) becoming machines that regurgitate information or beliefs without ever taking the time to actually know for ourselves. The thing is I knew nothing about Russia coming into it so why was I so surprised by the reality of how it actually is? Without even knowing it I created my own reality of what Russia is and because of that false reality I was surprised! I think this is a reason for many of the problems we face in our world today. Often subliminally, we create our own false realities in a lot of areas of life without ever taking the time to experience or study it.
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