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Midheaven Denim News!!!

LINK IN BIO! @midheavendenim !!!! What?!? What?!? Wifey be killing it!!! So proud. So grateful! Go to this site and read read read. #Repost @copelandboyd ・・・ Our girl is in the news! So proud of all of her hard work! @kathrynbrolin @midheavendenim
#Repost @vancityreynolds ・・・ Deadpool 2. Falling somewhere between Godfather 2 and Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights. (Link in bio)
Auditioned for this lady today. Really gave it my all. Killed it. It’s for a guy laughing. Don’t know what the show is. #hittingapeak #skillsfullforceahead #embarrassingbutaffective #Repost @kathrynbrolin ・・・ Holding auditions for a new thing. It’s a thing I’m doin. Think I may have found the guy. Maybe not. Gotta think on it.
A really important photo by @brianbowensmith of me, shirtless, cupped and taped, trying to lengthen my arms. This is an ancient technique known to only those connected with Shamans and top contemporary models — basically all sexy professionals. It lengthens the biceps, defines the triceps, and looks like I am deep in thought as the deepest thinkers must appear often. Please take note, practice, and try it at your local diner or any Denny’s, Coco’s, or the like. Best of luck. #rollinwithbrolin #lifelessons #neanderthaltimes #peoplemagazinessexiestmf
“Okay, chin up. Good. Turn your head away from me a bit. Great. Eyes to me. Eyes to me. A little more. No, don’t smile. You are a badass. You are a BADASS! Let me see it in your eyes! Give it to me. A little more bounce in his eyes, guys. Come on! You are a beast! Hot! Hot!” @empiremagazine @avengers @marvelstudios #thanos #purpleisthenewblack
It’s always good to practice. Hanging out on our spring-horse: simulating, imagining what the next bronc we’re going to go head to head will this weekend with bring. Look at the focus on my face, the concentration. I’m even blown away with my technique, the hours gone into perfecting what I’ve worked my whole life for. @brianbowensmith , my teacher, a true artist of the plastic gelding technique, urges me on to push through despite the fear that I may be thrown into an oak close by — to hold on just a few more seconds and find that elusive glory. Here is an example of true grit, finding that hidden determination in yourself that is willing to touch the super and not settle for the mediocre. This is me, on the edge, finding my greatness. Thank you. #outlawrodeo #learnthehardway #countrylife #confusedcanine #deepinthehills @brianbowensmith @sheabowensmith @kathrynbrolin
Sicario: Day of the Soldado. Me, the great Benicio Del Toro and newcomer Isabela Moner. June 29th. Link in bio. @black_label_media @sonypictures #sicariomovie #beniciodeltoro @isabelamoner
Midheaven denim photo shoot shot by the supremely inspired and incredibly talented @brianbowensmith. Yesterday’s shoot was a great reminder of what it is to congregate in pursuit of a magical moment: that elusive thing called art. It was also a reminder that art can happen out of nothing other than a collective goal: trudging through our own limitations and skills until we are hit with an accident, a palette revealed, a instinct awed. And it was all springboarded by my wife, Kathryn. We were all there because of her forwarding through her own fears to design and manifest a line of denim with integrity. We had the best time yesterday: crazy fun, ideas all round, stretched uncomfortably and realized thoroughly. Thank you all for yesterday. I take it gratefully and implement it further to remember why I do what I do: the collective act of creating something from almost nothing. @midheavendenim @kathrynbrolin @brianbowensmith Styled by @hayley_atkin_ HM/U @campbellcarly Models: @raykrussell @the_michelledeleon @kayprech And the batshit crazy crew: @brandonsmith8 @kmchugh59 #fouracesmovieset
I’m try to figure out what movie this is but it looks really really good. @marvelstudios #thanos #almosthere #infinitywar #APRIL27 (Note: all joking aside, I just watched this and am as pumped as you guys. This is my childhood realized. We’re going to enjoy this together. 😈🤙).
There are ceramics all over the house, my mother collected through the years, that moved today. They lay on the floor broken into silly mosaics that look like the end of a war, and only bring back those memories of how splintered she was. I found a book recently that she had written in. It was a book with sayings like, “You will be free, once you let go,” things of that nature. She wrote her name in that book – Jane -- just before she drove into an oak tree now marked with a sign that says, “Miss You” in yellow paint. All the ceramics moved today with the earth; everything shook violently from side to side tossing us like we were being raped by a rage that was bigger than God. Was it like that for you? #ripstephenhawkings #😥 #whatalight #missyoumom
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