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We’re toward the end of our tour. This is Gianni Versace’s old home on Ocean Dr. We’ve never been to Miami before and we really wanted to walk down Ocean to see all the old deco hotels from the 1930’s. Miami Beach: the gaudy, 80’s chaotic romance of dangerous and decadent life is everywhere. It’s coming out of the pores of the streets: the stories, hopes and dreams realized and broken, the vats of sweat coming off of all the shirtless and bikinied bodies. Sun. Sun. And more sweltering Sun. #giannisrestaurant #miamibeach #gianniversace
Thank you to my buddy Holly for hosting a screening of Sicario: Day of the Soldado tonight in her native ABQ! You’re awesome. Thank you for so much support. You’re the best!!!! (And a beast!). ❤️💪✊️ #Repost @hollyholm #arizona ・・・ Suuuuuuper duuuuuper movie!!!! Got to watch this epic flic with a theatre full of the people I love. This is a must watch. #mindblown #cantwaitforsicario3 !!! And @joshbrolin ...... you have some splainin’ to do!!!!!! @sicariomovie
Link in bio. @taffyakner deconstructed me. I’ve been interviewed many times before but this powerful woman, this intuitive woman was able to see the best and worst parts of me and find the humanity in it all. Not as an excuse, but as another human revelation. We learn. We morph. Hard is possible of the softest things in the chemistry lab of life, and soft is revealed inside the most hardened. Our judgments are easy to come, but to life a full life in technicolor is what has influenced me most: the potpourri of who we are, the mystery of what makes us tick, and the milestones that make us trudge forward. Thank you @kimverbeck @samanthamcmillen @mattyhabs21 Liz Mahoney @narrativepr and @chloehartstein with photographs by @eriktanner for an experience. ❤️ @kathrynbrolin @funtonofun @edenbrolin @ello_kitty #sicario2 @sicariomovie
GMA this morning. I’m feeling soft. @goodmorningamerica
The last REAL man in Hollywood? @colbertlateshow — Yes, this is me shamelessly promoting my trainers and incredible friends @stephjlovato & @justindlovato of @iambuilt for the Cable Built program based on my workouts for Deadpool 2 because it’s monumentally legit. Not only are these two super conscious about injury but nutrition is a major part of this sustainable Cable ultimate result. No matter what anybody might say, I did this cleanly, non-steroidally, and inside of 11 weeks. It’s all possible. My result was mine. Yours will be yours. We all have different bodies and metabolisms, so be confident in your own body type. Congratulations Steph and Justin for putting this really effective and fun program together. Kudos. #venicebeachbadasses #dogtownswole #cableswole @goldsgym @iambuilt @robliefeld @noonecomics
Gotta start somewhere. 😈 #johnnybetts #privateeye #paidpunk #michaelwoods
Fucking Richard Prince. @halfgallery #sicario2NYC
How bitchin is this? #Repost @ifyouhigh #gutterart ・・・ Caption this
Two years out of high school I was a father. Here’s you diploma. Bam! Here’s your first child. Never had I experienced an understanding as that: a spiritually definitive reason to strive to do better. I was a young punk, riding my motorcycle around town, getting in trouble, until these miracles brought a light into my life I never knew existed before that. It is the most challenging and the deepest lightening I have ever continually grasped at, wrestled with and adventured within in my lifetime. There is no bubble in the same universe as is to be a parent. So, to those born: I love you so much and thank you, and to The Bean about to be born: (hand over belly) Papa loves you so much already. #fathersday #children #da
When you have a father as badass as mine, up at the crack of dawn, underwater workouts that constantly challenge your survival panic button by 7:30, submitting your body to 33 degree iced over water for 3-5 minute submerging to 230 degree sauna marathon stints — and all in your mid-seventies?! Get the fuck outta here. He’s the rabbit, the hat and the magician but it’s all real! There’s no advice. There’s no trick. There’s just bearing down, gritting through it, and the benefits reward you in droves. The dude’s my hero. He makes me want to push it a little further. He reminds me what I’m capable of. —- We all complain about our parents (and rightly so) but they’re your parents and it’s always nice to be in a position when you look to them once in a while and whisper to yourself: “Wow. That’s MY Dad.” #fathersday @jamesbrolin_ @lairdhamiltonsurf @gabbyreece @kathrynbrolin
Went to Marine Corps Air Station Miramar tonight to screen @sicariomovie for the troops. They greeted us so respectfully and Benny and I had the time to talk to quite a bit of people, and sign some posters. Colonel Jason G. Woodworth presented is with flight jackets which we humbly accepted. What a great time. What great people. We are very grateful for your service. Photos by @ericcharbonneau #military #mirmarmilitarybase #sandiego #beniciodeltoro #sicario2 @sicariomovie @sonypictures @black_label_media @thunderroadpictures @samanthamcmillen_stylist
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