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One week since Improvement played the final show of the Fandigo tour.
Complete focus.
Köln was absolutely nuts - Couldn’t have asked for a better end to the tour! Thank you @improvement_band , @callejon_official & @annisokay (+ crew) for an amazing run, it was a blast!
Had a great time in Zürich yesterday, taking photos and catching up with friends. Time to finish this tour in a brilliant fashion.
Back at it in Frankfurt. Two more shows!
Been enjoying these last few days a lot, seeing some new places and working on some new projects. Very excited for the final leg of the tour to start tomorrow!
Stuttgart was a ton of fun. Kickin’ back for a few days before the last leg of the tour starts.
München was pretty wild, not gonna lie. Last show for a few days tonight in Stuttgart.
Being back in one of my favorite cities felt amazing. München up next!
Sold out show in Hamburg yesterday. Today we’re headed to Berlin.
Had a good time in Wien last night. Heading back to Switzerland for a few days before the tour resumes in Hamburg!
Nürnberg did not disappoint. Excited to be back in Vienna tonight!
Dresden was an amazing start to this tour. Nürnberg up next.
The boys fuckin’ killed it in Stockholm this weekend. @awakethedreamer @high5ivemusic
Visited the archives and stumbled across this photo taken by @o_deezey in Hamburg - Back when the hair was a bit shorter and the days were a bit warmer. Very excited to visit Germany again and kick off this year of touring in a couple of weeks with Improvement!
You don’t want to miss this. @awakethedreamer @high5ivemusic @wackenmetalbattleswe
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