John Gyllhamn

pretending to know what I’m doing but really just thinking about tacos 🌮 photo by @emilviking
Flurin of Improvement, photographed in Vienna on the Fandigo tour.
Portrait of Tim, photographed early this year.
Ryo of Crystal Lake.
Final adjustments on set with Cavalane.
Marc of Sink or Swim, taken in Zug.
Sebastian of Improvement, taken in Cologne.
Backstage in Dresden.
Tourin’ with the boys is always a good time.
[we are trapped in a non-existent reality] @awakethedreamer @high5ivemusic
Switzerland, our second home. @awakethedreamer @high5ivemusic
Excited to be back on tour with my boys next week! @awakethedreamer @high5ivemusic
Happy to be joining this tour with Crystal Lake. Incredibly excited to get back on the road with them! @crystallake777 @loudnoiseagency @high5ivemusic
Congratulations on all of the amazing news lately, gentlemen. Keep crushin’ it!
so yeah, here’s my weekend
Spring is here, ya know
Switzerland, man.
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