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Happiness lays on the top of the hill.
This Smaug pipe by @svpipesdesign is one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen. He’s making one like this right now for @arishaffir and we’ve gonna use it to see elves.
Turns out Elvis was #legitasfuck . I got a contact high just watching that. #karate #pills #fuckery
Absolutely one of my all time favorite podcasts and definitely one of the most inspirational. @davidgoggins is truly a man who is uncommon amongst uncommon people.
Got done with the @davidgoggins podcast and immediately wore my bitch ass out on this bike. The Goggins podcast is hands down one of the most inspirational ones we’ve ever recorded. I can’t wait to go back and listen to him again. He had so much powerful shit to say that you can apply immediately and directly to your mindset and your actions. It was a real honor to get to sit down and talk to him.
Life eats life, and in this case it does it in the most spectacular way. To me this is as beautiful as anything in nature. #Repost @bertiegregory ・・・ A huge male jaguar pulling a caiman out of the water up a slippery, muddy river bank in the northern Pantanal, Brazil. This jaguar demonstrated the meaning of the term power dragging this 8ft long, armour plated, 74 toothed, chunk of contracting muscle out of the water and into the bushes. Shot for a new jaguar TV show with @stevewinterphoto which premiered on Sunday evening on @natgeowild in the US (other territories coming soon!). Huge thanks to the awesome team @natgeo ! Also check out this month’s issue of National Geographic Magazine for @stevewinterphoto ‘s jaguar story. Shot on @reddigitalcinema
Today I’m joined by @davidgoggins , one of the hardest and most savage humans alive. 11am PT
Come to Australia, they said. There’s lots of beautiful wildlife, they said. @adam.greentree @cameronrhanes #Repost @darcy.welbourn ・・・ Stay out of the water. #foodporn (cannot find the credit) . . . . . #repost #nature #brutal #wow #animal #life #food #croc #kangaroo #australia #omg #wtf #like4like #follow #picoftheday #photooftheday #lizard #dinosaur #lunchtime #dinner #raw #amazing #power
#Repost @dosbrak ・・・ I luhhh you Joey Diaz!💚💚🇨🇺 looking forward to this one 😃👌. #NoGayJesus #jre #iluhyou #yoelromero #ufc #cuba #dosbrak 🖌follow @dosbrak@joerogan @yoelromeromma
A beautiful Sunday running the hills! Thank you to my friend @c.t.ali.fletcher for the Iron Addicts shirt, and for all your inspiration! ISYMFS!
This is amazing. I appreciate the complete, total honesty. @cowboycerrone is a bad motherfucker and he fights another bad motherfucker, @yancymedeiros tonight! #Repost @jacksonwink_mma ・・・ 🤯 #weknow #theydont RepostBy @mmajunkiedotcom : ""It's crazy, it's scary" – Let @cowboycerrone walk you through fight week emotions 😱 #UFCAustin • • • 🎥 @themmaroadshow@usatodaysports " (via #InstaRepost @EasyRepost )
What the fuck, Russia?
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