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It’s your road and yours alone. Others may walk it with you, but nobody can walk it for you - RUMI 📷by the incredible women @revealedstudios_chicagoboudoir
Some women fear the fire some women simply become it - @r.h.sin I’m still processing what I learned in 4 days with @tonyrobbins. I didn’t get a pic of me fire walking because I got up there and thought Jenn you’re really gonna do this huh? You’re gonna walk on fucking fire? Ok, then do it. Just like that I made a move, looked straight ahead and walked confidently into the next season of my life 🔥 . The energy of 50 hours with 10,000 like minded people hungry for more was moving beyond words. It all goes back to our energy or “state” as they drove home this weekend. It’s what I’ve always known and to feel it emphasized the way we did felt amazing. When you’re vibing high it’s just a different kind of life 🔥 . I’m BEYOND grateful to my girls @glowoutsalons for offering their love & support so I could fully focus on this training. To the folks who walked through the fire with me you are badasses. To me who invested time, money, and energy into my glow girl 🔥SWIPE RIGHT 👉🏼for a peak into the weekend #trainingneverends #upwchicago2018 #tonyrobbins #shakethatass #yesyesyesyes
Love her, but leave her wild - @atticus ✌🏼Registration closes tonight for our women’s retreat @yogahouse next weekend. If you’ve been watching my Insta stories rest assured it’s gonna be an adventure for the spirit! Day 1 of training with @tonyrobbins has me on another planet 🌏 Come open minded leave open hearted #retreatweekend #girltime #vibeup 📷cred @revealedstudios_chicagoboudoir
So ready 🔥 Learning from @tonyrobbins in person has been on my bucket list for yearssss! For the next 4 days I’m solely focused on my mind, body & spirit. I’ll def be bringing new wisdom to @_yogahouse_ for next weekend’s ladies retreat, @boxingyogini & @revealedstudios_chicagoboudoir I can’t wait!! DM any of us to learn more about the weekend || Registration ends Friday 7/13 || I expect to be VERY slow to respond to communication from now until Monday 7/16 so I can soak this all in. Expect Jenny from the block 9.0 upon my return! SWIPE right for some of my favorite Tony quotes 👉🏼See you on the other side friendddss 👋🏽#zenjenn #innerninja
Milwaukee Moments ♥️ my favorite little big city #mommingsohard #realdogmomsofchicago #zenjenn SWIPE for a peek 👉🏼 FUN FACT: The people of Milwaukee love dogs so I love this place even more now!
Mood ♥️ my spirit animal @lilduval #thatsmyshit #founditbitch
I thank the universe for taking everything it has taken and for giving to me everything it is giving || balance || @rupikaur_ #milkandhoney #zenjenn
In a year you can be in a completely different place 💗 #letgowithlove #trustheprocess #zenjenn
Support your local girl gang ✌🏼#glowoutsalons #teamglow #chicago #prettygang 📷 cred: @culturestudio
Music on, world off✌🏼DJ @jenanixon will be serving up a live set tomorrow in our Chicago shop! If you didn’t get to last month, definitely come by || 4-7 || #glowout #issavibe #imwiththedj
When the guy that found your dream storefront stops by 🙌🏼 @theoertelgroup thank you for seeing my vision for @glowoutsalons so clearly! #teamworkmakesthedreamwork #bosslife
Fibroids before & after 💪🏻 About a year into launching @glowoutsalons as a “one stop shop” we were hosting a very big day! Two groups of about 30 people were booked and it was game time. I jumped in to do nails and started feeling super dizzy. In between clients I ate some food figuring it must be low blood sugar. My stomach was cramping so bad I thought I was going to pass out! (Side note: I’ve never been someone who’s had painful periods or anything like that.) I looked for a break in the action (I hadn’t given myself one of course) to run to the restroom but it was full so I locked myself in my office and hemoraghed into a trash can. I was bleeding everywhere and had no idea what was going on. I ran home to change and then back to catch up, only to have blood clots that kept on coming. I ran home to change again, I was terrified but I still returned to finish the workday. My body was speaking and I didn’t understand this new information. ✨ I booked a doctors visit and requested an ultrasound. My doctor (who happened to be male) thought it wasn’t necessary and told me the birth control pill was the answer. I thanked him for his opinion and INSISTED on the ultrasound. Two different ultrasounds couldn’t detect any of my organs because there were multiple grapefruit sized tumors blocking their view! A biopsy and several second opinions later, every doctor suggested major surgery to remove the tumors and possibly my uterus if the tumors return. No uterus would mean no having children, which I wasn’t sure I would be doing but having the choice taken away felt awful. ✨ I went on a mission to explore the root of my tumors, and hormones were a major factor. Every time I got upset or stressed I could feel those tumors burn. Interesting! What was causing my hormones to fluctuate so much? I went straight to stress first then food second. I stepped back and added lifestyle practices like yoga, meditation and walking to reduce my stress and increase positive hormones. I added green juice, eliminated foods packed with hormones and ditched the booze. I watched as my body transformed. ✨ More in comments section 👇🏼
Good morning ☀️ @swaaymedia this is what I’m talking about baby!! #zenjenn #morningroutines #breathe
Team lugo 💪🏻when @susanlugobrows gets the crew together it’s bound to be an interesting day! I love creating with you guys, thanks for having me on the squad #zenjenn #interiortherapy #buildout #thirdeye
Love yourself more ♥️ The relationship you have with yourself sets the tone for every relationship in your life. If it’s a little shaky no worries now is a great time to practice being more loving. TOOL: Try paying attention to your self talk for 1 week. Write down the words you say most consistently to and about yourself. There’s some juicy information there 👉🏼#zenjenn #lifecoach #loveyourselfie
|| Love your selfie || For a long time I didn’t love or like myself that much. Why would I given my childhood was full of punches and loaded guns to the face by my own mother? My sense of self worth was unable to develop until I was long removed from my old life. I have spent years studying and unraveling my battle wounds for answers. The answer I keep coming back to is to love your fucking self. Nobody’s going to come and do it for you. ♥️ I know how it feels to day dream of someone coming to save you, that’s just not been my reality. I remember lying in random beds knowing that the next day I would most likely be sleeping in a different one. Now I understand why sleep was a challenge for me. I’d be physically defending myself from my mother one minute only to be surprised by her parole officer’s visit the next. If you’ve ever seen the movie Precious where the mother would turn into a loving caretaker when the authorities stop by, that was my life. I had to leave the theater during that movie it was so real. I wanted to scream out “help me man, I’m fucking dying here” but I couldn’t. If she was gone then where would us kids go? I wasn’t confident that place was any better. ♥️ I laid in different beds, couches and floors each night and pray I’d wake up from this nightmare. I’d hope my mom would love me again like she did when I was little. I’d hope my dad would drive down and save me from her. I’d hope the police wouldn’t bring me back when I tried to run away. I’d hope we wouldn’t get evicted again. I’d hope the media would stop mocking my mother publicly so parents wouldn’t look at me like I was a bad kid. ♥️ Through having my own life coach I started the process of learning to love myself. I separated WHAT I’ve experienced from WHO I am. I’ve learned what self care looks like and it’s a lot different than self defense. ♥️ Selfies can be a negative thing to some people but not to me. I’d challenge people to think curiously about the person on the other end of the internet. You never know who’s gently reminding themselves that they are brave, they are strong and they are important. #zenjenn #nationalselfieday #womanonamission
High Vibe🌱 I’m juice cleansing & taking over @hivibechi ’s stories for the next two days! Follow the fun 👉🏼@hivibechi #jennandjuice #aloveaffair #VibesOnHi
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