Jenna Bruno

Voice of @theonesyouforgot // NJ

New friends 🌿Should I attempt to put the little fellas into their own coffee mugs? Thinking of breaking the mason jar theme.
Laying in bed - thinking about all the little shops that I want to visit and revisit. Here is a cute one from October @nicheboston 🌿
Oh, I don't know. I thought they were cute!
Yesterday's watercolor fun 🌿
Buying cool socks is scientifically proven to make your day better.
Tonight left me speechless. Thanks for having us @starlandballroom ❤️ Photos: @dieterunrath
Places that I must return to ASAP: Yosemite. I think about this trip all the time.
Paintin' and sippin' DIY style.
Little doodle exercises to recover a steady drawing hand. Practice & patience.
Send me your friend codes!
I should be studying, yet here I am.
*Jack-o-lantern emoji intensifies*
Stanley's daily routine.
Mums are in season once again and I'm happy!
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